I think I have pretty much got the Gnomes covered…but as you wish.

It is amazing how some people completely fall for the programming…well he did fall for Ickes bollox so just goes to show eh?

Methinks the Gnomes have got to him because he hasn’t actually done or is doing anything for the starving kids like the one in the pic by posting this rant about Gnomes. So whats the point?


here is Vinny,interviewing Spivey …Vinny looking more and more like a chubby ole Gnome himself as time progresses..(yet asking for donations-still..he looks well fed enough to me though…unlike the starving kid in that pic)…Oh the hilarity!…and oh what wicked webs ye weave. (did he eat all the Gnomes in New Zealand?).


And the results are in!

Spivey – NIL…GNOMES – 1

One thought on “GNOME FAIL? NO. GNOME WIN.

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