Certain Groves are portals to the respective Black and White lodges, make no mistake about the relevance of name Bohemian Grove. This weekend in Watford UK the Bilderberg meeting will be held at the Grove Hotel. David Icke will be present …being a representative of the White Lodge, Masonic counterpart of the Black Lodge.

Another attendee will be Heather Resiman CEO of Indigo Books/Indigo Chapter, member of the steering committee of the Bilderberg Group will be inside the Grove Hotel doing her part to ensure the continuation of Indigo Programming / A new Race programmed specifically for the New World Religion


Evolve or Die.

In this clip from the Oprah show you can clearly see the Indigo Program running through this kid.

4 thoughts on “GROVES – PORTALS

  1. That Oprah is one evil mofo & that poor child… what with his eye movements, his tongue & mouth movements… keeping to the script…he even looks to his controller who is just off screen for confirmation/approval….bless him & all the other ‘purpleLiesed’ children. Noted harpO’s hand signals & wearing purple blouse too. Evil witch. Putting that Destiny Lab track in my favourites:)


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