I have been unable to log in at the Cafe for quite some time although there has been a discussion going on over there about Obsessive Debunking Disorder.


According to Thomas Sheridan, if you either intuit or find faults/flaws or figure out that something doesn’t quite add up in relation to whoever/whatever it is you are asking questions about/researching/looking into, or to put it bluntly you realize said individual pushing their concept, is full of shit, it is some kind of mental disorder and now you have ODD, Obsessive Debunking Disorder.

The first thing that came to my mind was “who has debunked Thomas Sheridan enough to piss him off for him to create a new mental disorder for everyone in the playground?

This article might have been the reason for Thomas Sheridans new disorder methinks.


While I was reading the responses at the Cafe, the conversation went off on a tangent, and the thread more or less becomes a discussion about some of the things that had unfolded at the forum over the past couple of years, which then turned into what I can only see as an attack (I dont have another word for it) on a long term poster and contributor at the forum.

I want to say first off that I was a witness to some of the happenings at the cafe, not all of what was spoken about as I was not there for all of it, and I do know that what was stated and some of the points raised is exactly as how I recollect it…. but that is not what this post is about. I am curious as to why responses on this particular thread at the Cafe were edited out, where is the transparency? Why was the poster in question banned from the forum? Why feel the need to hold one individual responsible for people deciding to leave a forum?
At this point, it isn’t very fair to ask for proof that can and would back up statements, when half the proof that was involved has left the forum.

I think it is also pretty unfair to edit and delete responses and posts as this only makes matters worse in the long run. The last few responses were deleted for some reason.


I did see the post prior to this one and the words had been taken out of MN’s mouth and turned around on her.

Having said all this, I guess the question I ask myself is I don’t know why some people, who claim they have ultimately figured out that the main players (and some of the not so main players) in the New Age Religion/Truth Movement .. are in reality nothing more than programmers/re-programmers, off grid fiction writers, scientology spin doctors etc…would have a problem with those that call em out and diagnose them with Obsessive Debunking Disorder (which is a totally fictional disorder btw)

There have been posters on this blog who have for instance been through one or two of the programs, such as the ones who have been exposed or “debunked” at the cafe for instance. Who in one breath agree with themselves, that they on some level have allowed themselves to be bamboozled… yet are quite prepared to throw out there whatever or whoever is the flavor of the month in the Truth Movement/ New Age Movement without thinking twice about what it is they are actually doing.

You cannot feign mock concern for the younger generations who might get embroiled in truth movement /New Age shit, while trying to silence those exposing and or debunking the machinations of the truth / movement and  New Age and the players in it.

At that point, you are not steering people away from a Tar baby, you ARE the Tar Baby.


10 thoughts on “HOW TO

  1. I am Mercy Now. This is what I posted in response to Richard before he edited and manipulated it it to serve his(their) agenda.
    ” I am telling the truth.
    I am not lying.

    Develop some integrity Richard before it’s too late.

    You’re becoming like the Swerdlows.”
    After he read it he banned me and now I get a 403 when I try to see the forum.

    Apparently it’s already too late for Richard and crew.


  2. Truth wears no mask, bows at no human shrine, seeks neither place not applause, she only asks a hearing.” – Carl A. Wickland

    HyperspaceCafe is unable to bear that hearing.


  3. Those that run forums who claim to be different from other forums are not really any different when posts are edited and deleted specifically to pander to the readers or members.
    You cant claim to be any different from cult leaders like the Swerdlows when you resort to using their tactics ( which is what they do – they omit posts to suit themselves they don’t like, or that challenge them…) Ickes forum is no different either.

    If you know that deleting, adjusting or omitting posts is a tactic used by the very people you claim to be against, why stoop to that level yourself?

    Mercy Now , you called it. Then what you wrote was not only tampered with and then used against you it was deleted.


  4. Richard ,the webmaster at Hyperspace Cafe, was using Hegelian Dialect in his exchange with me. I knew it and hoped that others could see it. Then when it became obvious he edited and manipulated posts to suit his agenda. He did give us a space to expose Swerdlow. But revenge was his goal not debunking Swerdlow IMO.
    It has been said that he’s “lost the plot” .
    You can’t lose something you never had.


    • If you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything. My mother used to say.

      If you accept that all is possible, without rules, without guidelines, without restraint; you’ll find yourself without discernment.
      If you entertain that there is no right or wrong, except what is applicable to that moment, you’ll find yourself without values.
      If you agree with everyone who supports your particular point of view and won’t allow yourself to be challenged by those who disagree, you’ll find yourself without wisdom.
      Doing the same thing twice and expecting different results is, in and of itself, one of the definitions of insanity.
      The repetition of behavior that harmed you previously, once identified, is masochism. That is, if you have correctly identified the behavior, and the source. If not, see last point above.

      From what I have read, it seems that these HCF’ers have a cult mentality. That was there long before Swerdlow or anyone else had any influence on them. Swerdlow was just convenient at the time that they found him (and he recognized this as well, that they were ripe for picking). He made them feel welcome by studying and understanding the mindset of those he might be able to prey upon, and he used that knowledge to his full benefit. He took what he wanted, when he wanted and at the discretion of those that he wanted it from.

      Plenty of people get fooled like this on a daily basis and it can be a valuable learning experience if you are willing to accept the lesson.

      If you aren’t willing, then you aren’t seeking the truth.


  5. This last episode at the cafe s a real disappointment. I used to think that kind of underhanded shit was for the “other” forums. Richard got pissed off because you were right. Whats the point of posting articles if the only answers you want are the ones you want to hear.


    • BTW… The Obsessive Debunking Disorder is pseudo science/ pop psychology.

      The author uses “hemisphere diomorphism in his “theory”.lol Hemisphere diomorphism has been discredited.
      He’s simply an artist with an axe to grind.

      But hey I guess you have a lot of science cred if you have your artwork on the cover of magazines,books and other media.

      Suspend all crtical thinking skills to your imagination.

      There is a huge difference between imagination and intuition so please don’t confuse the two.


  6. I’m happy to have this bit of a “revisit” as there is somethung I neglected to mention at the time.


    Sheridan spun it out of a true maladay known as OPPOSITIONAL DEFIANT DISORDER. Yeah he is known for his “spin”.

    Those interested can read aboout it here…….

    Richard and his new co owners at HCF couldn’t have questioning, reason ,facts ,logic , science and truth in play so moi had to go . Even if it meant lying and deleting posts to” get her done “.


  7. Hyperpsace is a Psy Op , The shit at the bottom of the budgie cage for those perched in the astral. No room for truth in that dimension which is why they deleted our stuff.

    Elizabeth and her buddy Filter/Pop lar / Martijn are nothing more than hijackers. They have no real insight and knowledge other than that which they lift off of others to claim as their own knowledge. They have both flitted from Chiappalone and Lash to then discredit then move on to their latest flavor of the month Stephan Hoeller.

    They do not know themselves and rely solely on outside influences and pass off second hand knowledge as gnosis. They epitomize piggy backers and the false light.


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