“Now why would the ‘Land of the Free’ have the symbol of fascism, the symbol from which the very term came, at such a prime location in its alleged ‘democracy’? And why can the same symbol be found in the following places, among many others?

The Oval Office; the Mace of the United States House of Representatives; the official seal of the United States Senate; the base of the Statue of Freedom on top of the Capitol building; the facade of the United States Supreme Court building; the Lincoln Memorial; either side of the bust of Lincoln commemorating his Gettysburg Address at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania; inside the Washington Monument; the statue of George Washington at the site of his inauguration, now the Federal Hall National Memorial in New York; the official seal of the United States Tax Court; the seal of the National Guard Bureau; US Army Military Police heraldry; Grand Army Plaza, New York; the seal of Brooklyn; the state seal of Colorado beneath the ‘All-seeing eye’; emblem of the Knights of Columbus.

Why? Because America is a fascist state masquerading as ‘freedom’. It is the new Rome and Washington DC is built on land that was called Rome and the location dictated by the Roman Church. Britain, Australia, the European Union and elsewhere are also fascist entities in (ever-diminishing) disguise.

All the rest is window dressing, cover up and illusion”.

Nice try You forgot to mention the “hat”.



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