15 thoughts on “GODS OF THE NEW AGE

  1. I think the conversation below is a great example of an attempt at passing off as the second coming.

    ICKE “The Bible actually predicts the second coming of man, at this time a great change”
    HOST “The Bible predicts you in a way”
    ICKE “Yeah exactly”
    ICKE “What do they expect this Son of man to look like? Do you expect to wear a beard and a white robe?
    HOST “Well they don’t expect him to look like a Hereford United goalkeeper”
    ICKE “Correct..but did the people 2 thousand years ago didn’t expect their son of god or whatever to be a carpenters son and he got the same reaction, you see, what its about , its about incarnating into a body that relates to the world as it is at the time, thats why Jesus was a carpenters son and worked in Palestine’

    HOST ” Well you are a broadcaster”

    ICKE “Exactly …why in this life have I been in communications”

    HOST “Well you were taught self discipline in sport”

    ICKE “Correct….This is how its done, so I am comfortable talking to you, I am comfortable on Television, I am comfortable in broadcasting which is a great help to get over the truth as the world is at the moment where the media is the vehicle to do it. You are given the gifts, we are all given gifts that we need in particular lifetimes, in this lifetime I need certain abilities to be comfortable on the media and KNOW the media, and thats whats been given to me”

    Sure….these days Icke has a different opinion of the media as well….wishy washy dugpa.


  2. Shit! was thinking of doing yoga!..I have told my sister to watch this because she want’s to join a meditation center were all this kinds of work take place,so thanks for posting this its an interesting watch for sure.but is all what they say in this video true,do you agree with everything?.I think some of the things they mention are good for you but the new age movement seems to be controlling and influencing everything.


  3. Hi Alex. Sorry for not writing more about what I think about the vid, I re watched it again for the best part yesterday and I was going to write about some of my thoughts today. It is a bit slow to begin with, although when you start getting into it there is some excellent info that a lot of westeners especially don’t know about. I have been told by one or two ex cult members that certain yoga postures are specifically used to enable the body to allow the demonic to inhabit it, and I knew a couple of yoga teachers who were totally vacant and empty (while at the same time thinking they were above it all). Detached from everything. They think that this is part of the process of enlightenment or whatever but ultimately they live in a self made vacuum tailored especially for that purpose. It is mind control being passed off as spirituality.

    It is an older video which could probably do with some updating with regards to where we are at now versus when that video was made. So no I don’t agree with everything in the video but I do agree with the meat of it.

    Edited to add..the meat of it being how one religion (that claims to be the oldest religion) has been and is being re invented and introduced as something new. Watered down for western consumption. Underhandedly by the accounts of those who were previous proponents. I dont know how they each got to that realization, but something must have got them thinking.

    I think that the young girl who appeared in the video whose parents were involved in one of these cults was a perfect example of how isolating the experience was, ESPECIALLY for the children. The parents are so pre occupied with the illusion and their gurus it consumes them to the point where they ignore their own kids emotional needs. The types that would more than likely sneer at a drug addict while exemplifying the same characteristics of someone with an addiction problem.

    If you consider Transcendental Meditation for instance and how that is being implemented in schools (as well as other institutions) it has to make you wonder. Seeing kids run around, being creative, playing etc (being a kid) versus sitting in a classroom repeating a mantra to themselves in their head is the epitome of mind control. I know what I would rather do as a kid.
    Slowly but surely a lot of the creative stuff in school is being weeded out, music and art for instance, to have a meditation teacher take the place of said creative outlets for kids.

    I put the Icke video up as I think that is a perfect example of the false messiahs that are mentioned towards the end of the video. I really have to wonder what people like Chris Spivey (who Icke is using at the moment)…must think about those claims. Does he think Icke is the messiah? I don’t think so somehow and if he does, I want to see him write about his thoughts on that.


  4. I agree with you apurplepebble and thanks for you feedback too..The information in this documentary is good and well worth listening to.I have heard the mantra “Be open to everything and detached to nothing”.Its interesting to listen to how these Gurus have used mantra’s like this to create cult like thinking in peoples minds so that they end up looking at people outsiders ,as evil or below them .,This type of spirituality is separating people and much worse..The last 26mins of the documentary is really interesting I have not done any research into Gandhi but is that true?.The part of the Film that got me the most was the way all those people were dancing then screaming then completely still that was fucked up!..But of course there is serious reasons why they are put though such behavior. And yeah, it made be feel very sorry for the children who have no choice and who are dehumanized and striped of everything and forced to join the cult were the children are separated from there parents and the children are unsupervised!…Its alarming to think all these children repeating mantras using Transcendental Meditation.But i think you would have a hard time tying to tell parents this because no matter what way you look at this the new age seems to have every area covered so yes its being sold under the disguises of spirituality, heath and well being etc.But its looks very appealing and is very convincing.I need to watch it again to, and I see what you mean by David ick


  5. There is a fair amount of info on Gandhi being a supposed pervert. I think there are a couple of books about the darker side of Gandhi as well.

    It was also said it cost millions to keep Gandhi in poverty.



    I think one of the fucked up things was what one of the yoga teachers said, the relaxation stuff that is done at the end is basically hypnotic technique, then she would talk about the religion to her students while they were in that state..she said “They got the information whether they wanted it or not”….


  6. Do you think there is an agenda in this documentary to turn only to Jesus and not all these Eastern Mysticism’s
    I ask because it ends with Jesus says that etc etc.So are they trying to say worship only Jesus.I am not to sure if there using Jesus as an example of what he said is true in regards to all these false prophets,Or if there using it in a way to say all the Eastern Mysticism, are dangerous don’t use them ,just turn to Jesus and use him do you see what i mean ,not to sure me self?


  7. I don’t know, I am not sure if all of those who appeared in the documentary are Christians tbh. I think it could be looked upon as some kind of propaganda/ agenda, although looking at it from that perspective alone could detract from the important points made in the video. i.e The people who spoke in the video didn’t know what they were getting involved in because the idea had been packaged and sold to them as something other than what they ended up getting, which was achieved by using an agenda cloaked as something else.

    Which is what the New Age Religion has been built on, an agenda packaged as something else.


  8. True but it says in the write up under the video.. “This is the most powerful Christian documentary I have ever seen!” I see what you mean by that perspective alone could detract from the important points made in the video. But if this video has been made and put together to scare off people to all Eastern Mysticism’s,then maybe there is an underlining agenda to this documentary ,like i said ,am not to sure.


    • Oh I see what you mean, I think that is just the write up of whoever posted the video, there are a couple of uploads from other people that have different write ups underneath. Here is how I see it. If a spiritual group/figure of ANY kind needs to manipulate, conceal and dupe people into following them, they are not as authentic as they would have you believe. There are plenty of Christian cult leaders who have had their own agendas which have ended up being a disaster for all involved as well, it ends up being revealed one way or another. If the video was made by someone other than a Christian, I would still agree with what the contents are conveying. I don’t think that the video was made to scare people off of eastern mysticism personally, I think the underlying theme intends to bring the bigger picture of the NWR and how that is being achieved to the forefront.
      I also think it is a tiny part of the bigger picture, it isn’t just eastern gurus who are at fault. Why they would be OK with having their religion diluted is another question.
      Either way, If a person has an interest in eastern mysticism or new age stuff and watches the video, they are going to do whatever it is they want to do. If a person watches it and concludes that it is christian propaganda, it might even make them seek eastern mysticism even more so.

      I personally would be happy to be scared off of ending up in a religious cult of ANY kind.


  9. I totally agree with what you said before that yoga teachers said, the relaxation stuff that is done at the end is basically hypnotic technique, then she would talk about the religion to her students while they were in that state..she said “They got the information whether they wanted it or not,..Yeah well if i had a child and i found out that one of the teachers was doing that well they might just get a punch in the mouth whether they wanted to or not ..lol.


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