“How is believing a minister preaching fairy tales from a pulpit any different from believing a president speaking from a lectern? Or the rolling ‘news’ hack speaking to a camera? I don’t see the difference myself. They all involve blindly and unquestioningly accepting lies as truth and falsehood as reality”

How is believing David Ickes fairly tales (or his version of one) from his pulpit any different from believing  a minister speaking from his ?

I see the same old hacks looking into the camera on alternative media shows funnily enough.

“The so-called alternative media spans an enormous spectrum of view and opinion from only barely perceivable from the ‘norm’ to, in my case, a total re-evaluation of reality itself which questions and overturns virtually every pillar of experienced human perception”.

Lets see what Alternative Media shows you have been on. I think some of these count.

Jeff Rense

Alex Jones

Red Ice


Project Camelot

Project Avalon

Freedom Central

Coast to Coast

To name a few. (Oh and BBC Radio).

“This is why from where I am standing I see much of the alternative media as little different from the despised mainstream version. I am abused, laughed at and dismissed by great swathes of the alternative media in exactly the same way that mainstream hacks have done for decades”.

Yep..the alternative media sure has dismissed and ridiculed David Icke.

David Icke…. Obviously been up on the alternative media shenanigans the whole time….or has he?  If he has always thought or believed this or known it, he didn’t care to tell his followers about it while he was busy appearing on ………alternative media shows. Bamboozler.



  1. All I got out of Ickes article was that he certainly seems to have forgotten who he truly is…’remember who you are’??? Doesn’t he realize this is ‘just an experience’ he’s having? I began to form a picture of him groveling ‘on his knees’ throughout his writing of being the abused victim. Perhaps the ‘unknown beings’ who help him are one by one leaving their host, or, subscriptions have begun to dwindle since 11/12, or both.


  2. Dugpas thrive on self serving pity…when it suits them…one of his tactics is to give people the impression he is some downtrodden victim who against all odds is still alive due to the divine protection these “unknown beings” provide for him.

    He has used this manipulative ploy throughout his career. In a few months he will find something else to pretend to be abused about.

    I also think this tactic is used by quite a few of them in the Brotherhood…it makes them appear to have human emotion or something on some level I guess.

    I thought the article made him look like a pathetic old sod grasping at straws lol!


  3. ‘He has used this manipulative ploy throughout his career’

    Every time he uses it, he takes his own pulpit preaching of “Infinite Love Is the Only Truth: Everything Else is Illusion” (2005) and throws it in the dung heap, wallowing in his own ‘false reality’. I can’t help but think that, after a repeated times, he’s losing followers based on that alone.


  4. I find David icke also repeats and repeats the same information .I think he said it him self once ,that the greatest form of mind control is … repetition .I guess it is.


    • “My life is what i do, therefore i don’t want the big car, the big house and all the trappings”……

      (The bigger the venue the better though)

      It’s like an episode of Cribs for sad old sods.



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