1. In a very large sense, anyone who has to hide their identity is up for question. If it’s true that we have no real privacy and if anyone with power has the technology to find out who you are…. why do people still hide under avatars and made up names? If you’re so bothered by the blog post you made, just come out with who you really are. It’s asking that we take your word for it either way.


    • So we have Shirl aka Shirel aka squirrel aka Sifter arguing against online anonymity. Now that’s just rich.

      Whole lotta SSSS-ing going on!


  2. I’m reminded of what the governnments say when they bring in the ludicrously intrusive survellance bills: “If you haven’t done anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about.”….hah riiiight!

    I am of the opinion that FWH(Michael Hemmingson) isn’t simply a really bad writer connected to porn(AGAIN!!). It is my feeling that he purposely wanted to antagonize PurplePebble into revealing her identity.Why? Because she is very effective in what she does. He probably travels in the same circles as those he pretended to “out” .He knew PurplePebble isn’t Stanga.


  3. Squirrels

    The Church of Scientology considers anyone practicing unorthodox methods of Scientology or creating organizations outside of Church hierarchy as a “squirrel.” that is, they gather up bits and pieces of Scientology and then run back to their den, misapplying knowledge to himself or others and causing injury. Essentially squirrels are Scientology heretics. All FreeZoners are therefore squirrels in the eyes of the Church, and they are considered suppressive persons.
    However, since FreeZoners believe the Church has perverted the original teachings, FreeZoners might also consider the Church to be an organization of squirrels, and it’s possible for one FreeZoner to consider another a squirrel.



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