helped along somewhat by Dugpa Terence McKenna.

Anyone out there ever hear about 2012 before McKenna wrote about it?


When did you first hear about 2012,

Can you remember?

QUOTE: “He claimed to be channelling various spirits, including the spirit of a Mayan king from the seventh century. He predicted a ‘shift in human consciousness’ – mass enlightenment.”

The actual date of December 21 first appeared in an earlier work – a 1975 book by Terence McKenna,  a writer known for his descriptions of “machine elves” seen while under the influence of drugs.

The date appeared in McKenna’s ‘Timeline Zero’ prophecy, and was based on McKenna’s own mathematics, the Chinese I Ching and a magic mushroom trip.

Jose Arguelles, author of The Mayan Factor (Image: Wikimedia)McKenna later met Arguelles and the two became, Wilson says, part of a circle of New Age authors who cited each other’s work, lending the ‘prophecy’ an air of believability.

“The significance of December 21 2012 in ‘New Age’ circles emerged from the work of ‘ethnobotanist’ Terence McKenna as he travelled deep into the Amazon in the 1970s,” says Wilson. His calculations of a ‘zero time wave’ suggested the world would go through a large change on December 21.”

4 thoughts on “2012 SHIITAKE.

  1. These days seem to be teeming with stories and philosophies about leaving the old behind and heading towards something new:
    New Age, New World Order, A New Beginning, A New Dawn, A New Day, A New World; Awakening, Ascension, Endtimes, Apocalypse, predictions of the end of the world, destruction, devastation, etcetera.
    We have the so-called Truthmovement that claims to be about exposing and awakening and (eventually) creating something new.
    This December 21st 2012 date seems to be picked as sort of a focal point in this whole transition program.

    Now, is this ‘NEW’ a true liberation and true freedom or just an attempt to create a new/fresh prototype of enslavement by the evil Archons, as was the old world order? That is an important question, in my estimation.
    The Truthmovement is not very spontanious. It is quite clearly a program and a top-down movement.
    A chosen few of prophets and messengers who often have dubious sources and backgrounds tell us what to do and think.

    The evil Archons seem to need a new coat, a new prototype to be able to continue their crimes. Their old prototype might be worn out soon, so they send their emissaries and prophets – in effect the Dugpas, the Guru’s, the prophets, the messengers – in order to herald this New Age and to lead and lure the sheeple to go over the dam into this new age/world/prototype.
    David Icke seems to me an excellent example of such a (false) prophet.


  2. The evil Archon (or whatever word you want to use to describe the energetic network of emissaries)..need bodies, faces and mouths to work through, David Icke is a facilitator of this energy, and he has the cheek to talk about bamboozlers on his site lmao! Sorry Dave, you old Dugpa, but you are the chief bamboozler, and bamboozlers are VERY good at getting people to look in all the wrong places, except for whats right in front of them. Besides..its already been said…about you.THE BAMBOOZLER..

    POST #473


    Little late mate.



  3. He really does implement it….and he has bamboozled thousands of people lmao…brilliant really…but it isn’t his brilliance thats doing it…its nothing HE has actually done..its the spirit that inhabits him thats doing it.

    Therefore, despite Icke being a bamboozler, he is being bamboozled himself …bwahahaha! Guess who gets the last laugh…not Icke, thats for sure.


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