and shilltastic buddy… Jeff “Bootiful Hair” Rense

After looking into this dugpa..and reading his long winded self aggrandizing articles that appear to be full of hooks and triggers (he even states that his writings will “change” ones consciousness and certain things such as unpleasant physical reactions can take place after reading his works…

Well, I have read some of his “”works” and seeing as I have a few visitors from Australia that visit this blog…I am suspecting Chiappalone comes here now and then…to erm…wait for his name to appear on it….and to glean info from it.

So, I am giving him some publicity..and you know what they say about publicity..its only important to attention seeking whores.

Moving on…and to be honest, there is so much crap written by this idiot that I could write a book about it..instead I have looked at a few things that I will point out here.

Chiappalone states that Indigos are nothing more than demonic robots…kidnapped from other  more advanced planets.

Which is utter bullshit.


There is a plethora of info about Chiappalone to be found on the net. A 90 page thread at GLP where he signs up under several names.


And a few letters regarding him on EducateYourself..

“Programmed individuals  present themselves to the Internet world as extraordinarily knowledgeable gurus with access to extraordinary information about extraordinary aliens and extraordinary alien agendas, however, they never quite account for how or why they have become endowed with so much extraordinary knowledge”.

Did DUGPA Chiappalone, like so many other Dugpas get his “info”  while in the Himalayas?

similar to  Blavatsky and several others who have visited this region..

August 14, 2009

QUOTE: “How did I get into Metaphysics? It’s a long story, but one of the steps was this: In 1983, I went to see Babaji in the Himalayas. He told me I was his spiritual twin. Now, I don’t think he would have said that if I was Ik-luk or Good-luk or Nu-luk, like Amitakh and her demonic husband Steffan make out. I don’t think Babaji meant I was Hitler or Satan or anyone else evil either. END QUOTE




Here is an anecdote which connects Babaji and I.

A BLANKET DONATED; A LOVE SHARED:  I did not stay long with Babaji. The medical practice called from far away. In fact, it was a few short days. Oh, if only I was to know a little of the future, how much more I would cherish the chance to stay a little longer. I had vowed I would return, and I did, but it was not how I thought it would be. I saw Babaji in October of 83. The following February I received the news that he had died. I was taken aback a little, not knowing it was all part of a Grander Plan. END QUOTE

(He then goes on to say that Babaji was wrapped in this blanket after his death)…

So a Grand Plan eh? A Grand Plan that seems to point to Chiappalone being  “THE”  messenger of the divine..sent here to spread his gospel about viables and non viables..thanks to the “baton”…and Jeff Rense..

QUOTE:  “Consciousnesses who are Rescuers: These are also called Avatars in ancient texts. Rama, Krishna, Shiva, , Zoroaster, Jesus,  Marcus Aurelius, Manichaeus, Mohammed, Merlin, King Arthur, Nostradamus, Christopher Columbus, Galileo, William Shakespeare, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Nietzsche, Hitler, Edgar Cayce, Shri Aurobindo, (the real) Sai Baba, (the real)  Haidakhan_Babaji, and many, many others are of this category. They have presented as world teachers, as explorers, artisans, musicians, poets, philosophers, etc., but also as simply people who brought down energy (and knowledge) to stabilize the plane. Sometimes they acted as double agents and secret agents in this War of Essences. Of course, this Class of Consciousness is here on the planet at this Endtime”. END QUOTE

He seems to think Edgar Cayce was a “rescuer”…well that must be true seeing as David Wilcock is the reincarnation of Cayce and has come back AGAIN to save us.

(I met a Reiki Master years ago that was convinced he was Edgar Cayce too..totally delusional…funnily enough he was from Australia)…

He also thinks Hitler was a rescuer/avatar…although I dont see explorer, artisan, musician, poet, philosopher on Hitlers resume…yeah..he painted a few pictures…not really what he was remembered for though is it, we arent talking Rembrandt when Hitler comes to mind…

He also thinks he is both Jesus and Hitler according to this persons account of him at a seminar…Nice dualistic thinking there..


Blavatsky on Haidakhan Babaji

In 1888 Madam Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society described Babaji in her great treatise, the Secret Doctrine, as follows, “It is He who changes form, yet remains ever the same, and it is He, again, who holds spiritual sway over the initiated adepts throughout the world. He is, as said, the nameless one who has so many names and yet, whose names and very nature are unknown. He is THE INITIATOR, called the GREAT SACRIFICE for sitting at the threshold of Light, He looks into it from within the circle of darkness which He will not cross, nor will He quit His post until the last day of this life-cycle. Why does the solitary watcher remain at His self chosen post? Why does He sit by the fountain of primeval wisdom, of which He drinks no longer, for He has naught to learn which He does not know – aye, neither on this earth nor in its heaven? Because the lonely sore-footed pilgrims, on their journey back to their home, are never sure to the last moment of not losing their way, in this limitless desert of illusion and matter called earth-life. Because He would show the way to that region of freedom and light from which He is a voluntary exile himself, to every prisoner who has succeeded in liberating himself from the bonds of flesh and illusion. Because, in short, He has sacrificed Himself for the sake of mankind, though but few elect may profit by the great sacrifice.”




where would we be without you.

Similar to Jeff Rense..he accepts send him your money.

FROM 2001


Anyway, there is so much bullshit spewing out of this Dugpa it is quite remarkable…

Funny That…I know the following to be true…

The DUGPAS and their “Alternative Media” are here to obscure the facts and re write history to suit the evil plans to keep the mushrooms in the darkness.

and funnily enough the fungus that is Chiappalone..relies extensively on Jeff Rense and his “alternative media” empire to get his word out.

Is Jeff Rense a VIABLE?

I would say…Uh No.

A closer look at Jeff Rense.


22 thoughts on “DOWN UNDER DUGPA

  1. Mr. Chiappalone …. I have always been wary when reading stuff that is coming from him, because, first of all, I have known that all the information he delivers comes from a yogi called “Babaji”, who lived/lives in the hotbed and epicentre of the Dugpa: Tibet/Himalaya/India/Nepal; the epicentre of the guru.
    It is not spontanious information, it is not authentically coming from him. He hasn’t figured all the information he delivers himself.
    I would think that if ‘Babaji’ had a genuine message for humankind, that is pivotal and of great importance for human kind, Babaji would have done the effort to inform many more people of this important information.
    But, Chiappalone seems to be part of a ‘chosen few’. This is already something to seriously consider, I think.

    His long list and criss-cross of prophecies, that he constantly turned, adapted, appeased and explained away with remarkable constructions – many of these prophecies turned out to be unfulfilled.
    His prophecies, the future scenario’s that he regularly mentions in his work are probably one of the trickiest parts of his stuff. These cannot be substantiated, first of all, so that makes it just a matter of believe.
    It is Endtimes programming, also. The end is near for this world in its totality, according to mr. Chiappalone. This whole dimension is about to be dismantled and fragmented, according to dr. Chippy.
    He urges that we must prepare ourselves for this!
    In effect, it seems to me that he programs his audience with his prophecies and incentives.

    The so-called ‘Avatars’ (Theosophy anyone?) or ‘Rescuers’ he often mentions seem to me mostly Dugpas ‘avant la lettre’; programmers and/or demagogues ….the man by the name of Adolph Hitler was an Avatar as well, according to dr. Chiappalone…. lol. Hitler certainly seems to have had connections to Theosophy.

    Several people who have had personal experiences with him seem quite clear about him. It seems that he is not always as sweet as he seems when you hear him talking, for instance with Jeff Rense. Let I say that if the stories and accounts from a number of people who claim to have had experiences with him in the flesh are largely correct and trustworthy, I wouldn’t call dr. Joseph Chiappalone ‘viable’.
    Instead I would call him deranged, (sexually) frustrated and violent; Guru-esque.

    Jeff Rense, the rich boy that asks for donations on his website, has already been exposed, rather convincingly, by some others as ‘non-viable’, so why is dr. Chip appearing on his radio show?

    However, having said all this, when you put all his numerous prophecies and mentioning of so-called Avatars out of his work – sec his work – it is pretty powerful stuff to me. Rather sophisticated, clear, and a lot of it feels quite right and accurate, and match with my own perceptions and experiences.
    He could still be quite right on several matters, I would say.


  2. “I would think that if ‘Babaji’ had a genuine message for humankind, that is pivotal and of great importance for human kind, Babaji would have done the effort to inform many more people of this important information”

    I agree..

    “Jeff Rense, the rich boy that asks for donations on his website, has already been exposed, rather convincingly, by some others as ‘non-viable’, so why is dr. Chip appearing on his radio show?”


    I think he does say and write things that ring true, (dont they all) but the deliverers of failed prophecies, fear filled doom and gloom prophecies that never come to pass are just energy suckers.

    Plus this kind of weirdness..sounds like something straight out of an esoteric psy ops factory


    • That is absolutely weird and outrageous to me, PP. Amitakh vs Chiappalone is like an alien underground war.

      Prophecies are an important part of dr. Chiappalone’s material.
      I think that the realm of prophecy is ALWAYS tricky and a perfect tool to influence, hook and trigger the minds of people.
      That I think is also something to seriously consider and question, and besides, how many false prophets have we seen in all these years??? Enough, I would think.
      Mr. Chiappalone seems to be a master of explaining away his (seemingly) failed prophecies as well as a master of giving meaning and purpose to his prophecies that are not yet to be determined.

      Excerpt from dr. Chippy:
      “PROPHECY is very much a tool of Warfare, and I write these points to allay the confusion in the minds of those who are not familiar with its applications and manifestations.

      In an earlier essay I wrote that in my books historical aspects are discussed where these are relevant and many of my books are manuals to assist readers to awaken to their own truth within and also give exercises to assist them in the processes such as meditation, protection, cleansing, strengthening character, eradicating negative traits, recognizing shortcomings, limitations, etc.

      The books are to act merely as trigger mechanisms for certain ones to awaken to their own truth within. Prophecy is one such mechanism.

      Prophecy in general and specific terms is dealt with in my writings and many prophecies are given. It is important to understand the mechanism of prophecy which, as I said, is a valid weapon in this Celestial War.

      Prophecies may be accurate at the time they are given and then if circumstances change they can also change.

      Secondly, prophecies may have been given to fool the enemy and were never meant to happen. In other words, an enemy, in thinking a course of action will occur against it because of what it is doing, may modify its mode of behavior (to its detriment) in order to avoid the prophesied consequences.

      Thirdly, prophecies may be manifested on a varying time scale so that some occur before the time given for their manifestation, and some after that time.

      There are pre-determined Time Cycles in which prophecies manifest.

      Within those Time Cycles, the energy patterns to produce prophetic changes remain viable if they are still required. Thus, on the subject of eradicating Evil, sooner or later in the recurring Time Cycles, the prophetic devastations as part of the Plan of Elimination of the Physical Dimension will manifest as they must!
      For example, I have predicted Nuclear War. The energy pattern for this is very much in existence and the possibility is still intensely and extremely viable. In fact, it appears that in the next cycle it will be a near certainty. It will happen in due course.

      I have predicted a Comet strike on Earth. The energy pattern for that is still there, waiting to come to fruition. It will happen in due course. Since making the prediction, I learned that astronomers have calculated the chances of such a hit as being a certainty.” (dr. Chippy)
      When I read his explanations on what he calls ‘the mechanism of prophecy’, then I tend to think that dr. Chiappalone is rather delusional on his prophecy theme, but that is just me, of course.


  3. Miles johnston-bon ami of DUGPAS Linda joslin is clearly a silly little bunny. I wonder if our @purplepebble shall grace us with a thorough satirical post of this promoter of UFOS/SECRET UK ALIEN BASES/ET CONTACT/NIBIRU. BTW-anyone mentioning”NIBIRU”- DUGPAS-CONFIRMED!!!! IMO.


  4. Nibiru …..didnt Swerdy say that planet blew up lmao!!!!!!!!!!! or did he change his mind…I will have a look at Miles Johnson..never heard of him…and…………. still waiting for the Kulper belt aliens btw lolz..


  5. I want you to read this as though a very calm, emotionless voice is speaking.

    Yes, It DOES sound too good to be true that evil is to be destroyed for good by the one that can …. and yes, I am in agreement that it must happen, as the ONLY solution, else evil continues its infestation. Doom n gloom you say? That we are going to die? Is that a new thing to digest?
    Perhaps your sight needs to be set a little higher.

    Even the air that you have to breath while here on death row in this meatsuit oxidizes your cells. Nothing in your exterior/egoic/”physical” outer mind is original and not running a program. It takes the Inner Mind to InnerStand what’s going on.

    Ask yourself, where else does Life feed on Life? Ever wonder about such things? They’re major clues to where you really are, you know that “hell” word… there really IS no such thing although this world portrays a suitable depiction if there ever was one. Ya might want to examine which subordinate god status being created this dimension. The true creation will remain, remember only evil is to be as if it never was.

    Whatever strategy prophecy serves, it is strategic. Could it be meant to avert certain eyes from further inquiry into the content of a matter, especially the already thoroughly jaded, vindictive ones that demon-strate themselves?

    I want to thank you for posting ANYthing about the Doctor’s work… It appears certain that it is meant for some one or others to find.
    Here are the latest, most recent two papers:

    Thought you might appreciate more “stuff” to chew on.


  6. I want you to read this in the way I write …Evil will be destroyed for good by the “One” that can? So are you referring to Dr Chiappalone? Do you think he is “the one”?

    Rather than evil being rebuked destroyed, and transmuted on an individual level..?…Dr Chiappalone obviously had to start somewhere if what he says is true…and that would ultimately have started with himself….

    I dont like to sit around and wait for others to do it for me…..that just gives the demonic an opportunity to use me ultimately..and waiting for a savior is counter productive

    Similar to Stewart Swerdlows statements about people who disagree with him..those that do are of the illuminati or whatever..and . it seems that anyone who disagrees with Dr Chiappalone is a non viable…

    I dont consider myself to be a meatsuit on death row, (now that does sound doom and gloomy to me) if that is what you would like to minimize yourself to thats fine) but you might want to consider what form of energy you are feeding with ideas and thoughts like that..that concept sounds empty and soulless, without life… that idea does not support life… are you an expression of LIFE, of the true creation or an expression of death wating to happen? I am an expression of LIFE and will quite happily take everything that comes with that, including death .not a biggy, but while I am in this body in this time I support ALL that supports LIFE….

    I dont have a problem with someone who can prophecize and be correct about what they prophecize..but for instance when time after time..and in this case predictions do not come true and the previous predictions have been strategically built on relying on the fear and imaginations of others, I have to wonder about what energy, what thoughtform some of these prophecies are feeding…have you ever considered that?

    I dont know how often or for how long you have read Dr Chiappalones work, but I reckon if you took a break from reading it for a while, you will once again hear the forces of LIFE talking to you.

    Be loved.


    • I have no patience for Gnostics. They are thinly veiled dugpas who remind me very much of the “controlled” humans in that outer limits episode.

      Repeat, Repeat, Quote, Repeat. God help ya have an original thought, people.

      Gnosticism has been a death cult for as long as it has existed and it’s followers have the blind fervor of the newly baptised. I have yet to see any good in it at all.


  7. IMO, Chiappalone makes you focus on the dark in a rather profound manner. At the same time he constantly holds a carrot in front of his audience with his prophecies, predictions and future scenario’s; a liberation and transmutation of evil – fragmentation of this whole physical construct.
    He prophesies, amongst other, “to fool the enemy”, he prophesies “to create the energy patterns to make them happen”…
    According to his material, Chiappalone himself is going to take care of the total destruction of this world by prophesising comet strikes, nuclear wars and such… “something that must happen to eradicate all evil..”

    One should separate his numerous prophecies from the rest of his material, and assess these prophecies in an objective manner.
    IMO, the only sane conclusion would be that Chiappalone is a master deceiver and dangerous. And I think this is still a mild conclusion.

    The question in this assessment should not be whether this world we find ourselves is a hell or not.


  8. This really belongs here ….

    I’ve been reading this guy’s blog for several months now. I’m deliberately leaving the link out just to see what “ass”umptions and conclusions some jump to first. I post it here because many of the it seems Chiappalone and others are using the Lash,Weidner material to frame their ufo religions.

    Archons, Assholes, And The Philosophy Of Laziness

    Over the last couple years I have received reader emails telling me that they believe much of what I write about deals with Archons and the fact that the physical domain is itself under control of very dark, violent, and sexually aggressive entities that either created humanity as a slave race or simply farm them for a resource necessary for their own existence. In most of these emails, I am given links to the written works or audio interviews of two men in particular. One is John Lash and the other is Jay Weidner. Lash isn’t worth the effort, but Jay Weidner is a somewhat interesting case because he has spread his ideas for mass consumption on the History Channel and others. I strongly suspect that Weidner gets many of his ideas from John Lash whose writing I frankly can’t stomach. Lash considers Christianity itself an “E.T. Deception” and like Weidner he uses the tired Sitchin annunaki conspiracy theory of a super alien race creating (or at least enslaving) human beings or some similar nonsense.

    It soon becomes apparent to me in going over this material that there are major errors in interpretation taking place. Having studied the Gnostic corpus for many years now and knowing their history fairly well, it becomes clear almost immediately that the interpretation these two men put out is really a “re-telling” through a more modern lens. They present the Nag Hammadi library as if it were a cohesive teaching containing a set of harmonious spiritual ideas. This is simply not true. Both of these writers are clueless in regard to how these writings relate to the inner rather than outer world. A cursory examination of the Nag Hammadi texts reveals that the very texts themselves contain conflicting ideas on creation and the nature of what is often seen as a “cosmic error” that being the creation of the present physical domain. For the record, however, I will state that the Gospel of Thomas does have an authoritative and valid feel to it. But moving on.

    Weidner consistently mucks things up by likening aliens from outer space with Archons. Having listened to several of his interviews now it is very clear that he also takes many ideas from the fiction of Zecharia Sitchin, who time and again has been debunked. Weidner on several occassions quite proudly admits that some of his knowledge comes from Sitchin. Having listened to an interview from 2011 Weidner falsely claims that science fiction writer Arthur Clarke wrote openly about being a pedophile in the London Times. This is simply not true. While I do find it suspect that a man thought to be a pedophile would move to Sri Lanka (a pedophiles paradise) the truth is that no such articles were ever written by Arthur Clarke as Weidner claims. In fact Clarke denied the charges emphatically (as all pedophiles do) when they were brought against him in Sri Lanka shortly before his death. The audio can be found on this page and was done May 2011 under “Truthquest”. In this particular interview Weidner even states that human beings aren’t meant to work and that if we somehow change from “Monochronic time” to “Polychronic time” we can get out of the pain the physical world puts on humanity. He then goes on to state that we should be living a more natural existence in free-love communities and speaks nothing about how a shift from Monochronic to Polychronic time can occur and what the metaphysical implications would be. Weidner goes on to make a bigger fool of himself with Jeff Rense.

    In an interview with Jeff Rense, Jay Weidner states:

    “The Nag Hammadi texts are older than the New Testament by 400 years. The New Testament that we have today wasn’t concocted until about 350 AD. ”

    This is absolutely false. The Nag Hammadi library dates to around 300-400AD, which means that particular library came into existence nearly 300 years after the death of Christ. The earliest Christian writings in existence are the writings of the Apostle Paul, which exist in the present day New Testament. These can easily be dated to around 50AD twenty years or more before the destruction of Jerusalem and nearly 300 years before the Nag Hammadi library came to be. This is even accepted by secular scholars and can no longer be debated. One of the oldest fragments of the book of James (in the New Testament) can be dated to 120 AD, which is also older than any Gnostic text in existence today. This is just poor scholarship on the part of Weidner and company. The New Testament wasn’t “concocted” or written in the fourth century as he claims, it was during that time that the Christian bishops were compiling a canon of already existent texts that were deemed “authoritative”. The Gnostic texts and teachings were rejected long before Nicea mainly because they negated the importance of the physical domain and promoted very strange ideas. Before the Council of Nicea all the books of the present New Testament were being circulated throughout the various Christian communities from the time of the first century. As early as Tatian it was pretty well understood what books carried “authority” as they related to the original Christian tradition and Gnosticism had no part in that because it presented a completely foreign view of the physical world and the divine. Even Plotinus, the greatest metaphysician to have ever lived rejected Gnosticism because it represented a degenerated spiritual current.

    The reality is that these misconceptions tend to get picked up by those unwilling to check the facts for themselves. Within time these lies become accepted as truth and those claiming to be Gnostics fall into an illusion themselves. Even speaking of the Council of Nicea brings images of evil Bishops who were supressing the Gnostics. Again, this is another misconception. The Council of Nicea was more about putting together a coherent understanding of God, Christology, and how to standardize religious calendars. More importantly, it was about Arianism, which had gained a wide following during those times. What most people today don’t understand, particularly those that buy into the erroneous beliefs being put out en mass today is that most of the Bishops that attended Nicea were feeble. Many of them had their fingers cut off, hands cut off, eyes plucked out, and worse, due to persecutions that were still taking place. Again, these are little known facts that can easily be verified.

    All of this tends to bring Dannion Brinkley to mind:

    Dannion Brinkley continues to spread his lies to every gullibe new age dupe willing to believe whatever he says including myriads of failed prophecies that he continues to put out to this day. I hardly need to mention his “honorable mention” in the book “Stolen Valor.” where he lied about his military service even claiming to be an “assassin” with official CIA cover. Brinkley responded to these accusations, like any snake oil salesman would, by not answering any of the facts brought against him, but telling everyone about all the good things he had done for others in his lifetime.

    Now here is the reality: people are outrageously lazy and suffer from profound animosity toward traditional forms. The erroneous “facts” spouted by the internet and media can never be trusted. In fact, most new age systems of thought including the pseudo-scientific health and wellness con jobs being promoted, exist only because of the ignorance and laziness of the common man and woman. The internet is not making people more free, it is making them stupid. That is the fact.

    To be honest, I can understand the need of people to seek out a utopia. I can understand why people feel cheated when they look out into the world to see only suffering. As my mother was dying I remember seeing her suffer and asking why this type of suffering was necessary. When I finally had time to contemplate the matter, like a lighting bolt in my mind came the words, “This is how people are created.”

    Like many other people I have also experienced suffering. Some of it has been very trying not to mention life-threatening. But when I look back to what I was at 15 years old and 30 years old and even now, I realize that without these hardships I never would have come to any degree of maturity. These trials, as ghastly as they are, forge us into greater beings. The catch is that we need to endure them gracefully without losing hope. The life of every individual must in some way embrace suffering. We really have no choice. While that may sound barbaric to many people today, our limitations exist to form us and educate us, we are bound to them for however long we are allowed to stay in this world. As John Keats once wrote this world is the “vale of soul-making” thus we are truly “made” or “created” here not at conception, but throughout the duration of our lives. But to deny the inevitable, which is exactly what suffering and death are, is to enter even further into the delusion of mass produced spiritual ideas which in the end make up the post mortem body. I would much rather have a body made of clarity than one made up of lie after damnable lie created by the weavers of inner spiritual catastrophe. This type of denial, fueled by complete fabrications as if I have shown, causes a person to misunderstand their own life in this world making their entrance into the next world far more painful than it has to be.

    I remember long ago sitting to watch the movie “Time Machine” (1960) with my Dad. I was very young then. In the movie the time traveller George goes far into the future where he comes across a group of people called “the eloi”. They are all young and indifferent. The sight of a young woman drowning does nothing to motivate them, whether she lives or dies means nothing. At one point George goes into a museum(?) only to find that their history books have turned to dust. I distinctly remember even at that age sharing this internal feeling of rage with George who viewed their culture as both easy and degenerate. I view modern culture through this same lens. We have in essence forgotten everything that was truly important and replaced it with with spiritual opium meant to make us feel good rather than to mature us or make us stronger.

    As much as it may pain people like Michael Tsarion, John Lash, and Jay Weidner,all who claim to be “Gnostics”, we are here to be forged in the fires and trials of life so that when the time comes we are able and worthy to behold the face of eternity without turning away in shame.


    • Yes refined . A mish mash of many that have gone before him. It still leads to to a window less room with no chance save for aliens.
      When you email him asking for clarification as to his interpretation of the Gnostic material and his sources for the rest of it all you get is ……. ” Take it or leave it”.

      So I’m leaving it as it reeks of a mind **** and a couple of “projects”.

      Hey , Doc…your not fooling me .I’ve seen much of”your material” before. It’s actually online under another author written by him about 6 or 7 years ago.

      Even the “take it or leave it” is his style only he doesn’t get promoted by rense and all the other members as he fled the cult and his “outcome” is not the company line.Just the opposite.


      • Oh and BTW …….before there is a bunch of noize saying the doc wrote well before 2005/2006! …
        Yes I know his older writings(very anti-semitic) and failed prophecies very well.The writings I’m referring to are more current . One article in particular just appeared out right plagarized.

        Also Doc I’ve known people(neighbors and family of friends) with the numbers tatooed on their wrists by the Nazis. There accounts were far different from your revisions.


  9. Esoteric Psy ops that is. Is Chiappalone free of demonic influnence himself ? That is the question..

    If so what indicators are there to prove this?

    I thought about solutions and thought about what possible solutions Chiappalone is putting out there, and to be honest, he doesn’t really have any.Ultimatelyhis philosophy all boils down to whether a person is either a viable or non viable and how a person relates to that concept. That concept of Duality Any person Whether a person is viable or non viable all depends on whether they listen to him seems to be a defining factor.He says “take it or leave it”, but he is attached to his own miserable philosophy, Otherwise he would be free of it and seeing something else through his “divine” eyes.


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