I have some BIG questions as to Ickes “exposing” Jimmy Saville being a nonce when his good friend Stewart Swerdlow has openly admitted to raping and sometimes to death hundreds of boys himself…under the “guise” of being mind controlled and used in government experiments.

Funny that eh? I mean if Icke is going to accuse Saville of being involved in sexual acts with minors, whose to say Saville wasn’t being “mind controlled” ? If it’s a good enough excuse for Stewart Swerdlow, why not Saville?

David Icke and his double standards…. why would YOU turn a blind eye to Swerdlows activities who according to this article by Duncan Roads of Nexus Magazine told a room full of people at a conference about his own filthy disgusting abbhorant past..which HE has NEVER been held accountable for?

The shit is going to hit the fan for you lot..you fucking hypocrites.

“I was a speaker at the Global Science Congress, in Florida in the mid-late 90s, which is not long after Swerdlow came out of jail and reinvented himself.

In a closed meeting of speakers only, where all the 20 or so speakers stood up and told us who they were, and what they were going to talk about, Swerdlow told us his story.

He told the stunned group of speakers, that he had been in jail, and that the CIA had identified him as one of the most powerful psychics on the planet. He claimed they came to him in jail and let him out on the condition that he helped them in their ‘experiments’.

Swerdlow told us that he was taken to a secret facility at Montauk and that he was used to sodomize to death, hundreds and hundreds of kidnapped young boys (mostly streetkids and orphans). He told us that the ‘energy’ from this activity was harnessed via some sort of ‘chair’ and used to open portals, through which demons and aliens could be contacted.

He doesn’t like people knowing this part of his ‘history’ nowadays, but that is what he told us back then.

At this same conference, Al Bielek told me that Swerdlow approached him, asking him to ‘modify’ his Philadelphia Experiment story to include being at Montauk and seeing Swerdlow. Bielek was outraged that Swerdlow was such a liar. At least Al Bielek believed his own story, whereas it was obvious that Swerdlow just made up what people wanted to hear.

Soon afterwards, Peter Moon got hold of Swerdlow, and his tales became even more outrageous – which was great for selling books.

And then came the period when Swerdlow became a ‘famous psychic’ – one who left a trail of financially burnt rich new age women who took sympathy on poor Stewart being used so harshly – and who Swerdlow took money from until they had none left.

For those who think I am making this up, this is Swerdlow’s prison details:

Federal Inmate Locator – from 1982 to present

Register #: 29938-053
Age-Race-Sex: 54-White-M
Release Date: 08-18-1994
Location: RELEASED Victoria

The guy is a known and convicted con man and fraud. Everything he has claimed about Montauk was fabricated after he watched videos of Preston Nichols, Duncan Cameron and Al Bielek. He pretends to have psychic powers, and it costs you a lot of money to find out that he doesn’t.

It is all bullshit – so please don’t give this fraud any extra free advertising!”

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“The nature of the universe is such that ends can never justify the means. On the contrary, the means always determine the end.”
(Aldous Huxley)



    • Really awful again, this article from Janet.

      I mean, this is utter evil that is presented right there. There are no excuses for such behaviour, imo. This is deception, this is lying, taken to the next level.
      Janet and Stewart Swerdlow are psychopathic killers and destroyers, leeches and rapists. That is apparently their mission: being thieves, handlers, controllers and pedophiles!

      Some interesting comments below that article, btw. 😉


      • Some of those comments ….Icke talks about “sheep” have tunnel vision of whatever, the majority of posters in their site have that problem…..especially the repeat posters.


    • I have been banned from GLP for some time…can’t stop the truth Tavistock Dugpas….I have never even written anything on that site…Wonder how you can get banned without posting….
      So yeah…GLP….run by Dugpas to promote Dugpas

      These idiots don’t get it, TRUTH will out despite of how they try and cover things up and silence it….

      As much as they might try, they are not in control lolz…


  1. ….Can there be found bigger psychopaths than the Swerdlows on this planet?

    So, do I understand it correctly that according to this information from Duncan Roads, Stewart Swerdlow only became part of the Montauk Project experiments when he was imprisoned at some point, and then was contacted by members of the CIA who offered him a deal: we take you out of jail when you help us in our experiments; which appeared to involve the raping to death of hundreds of children at Montauk Point??
    I would gather that the CIA knew that Swerdlow was a powerful sexual predator already?

    It wouldn’t surprise me that this is very close to the truth.


  2. Icke has used his platform to pronounce Jimmy Saville is “the doorway to the cesspit”….while Icke himself KNOWINGLY is the doorway to the cesspit known as the Swerdlows.

    If you Icke followers suppress this …and i know you read this blog…….you are no better than your master Icke and his pal Swerdlow.

    Howzabout that then.


  3. Oh and I didn’t mention…any of you Dugpas that think you can cover your tracks or lift off this blog and “glean” of off it for your own agenda/talks/seminars/books and the rest of it……let’s just say …there are “things” in place…you know what I mean…and you know who you are.


  4. “any of you Dugpas that think you can cover your tracks or lift off this blog and “glean” of off it for your own…(PP).

    They’re picking up style points from the blog? Well that just takes the cat pee! God knows they’re not original enough to come up with their own material but I never thought they’d resort to steaing….

    Oh wait! It’s dirty Dugpas we’re talking about here!


  5. The GLP site mods ban whole swathes of ip addresses all the time it is nothing personal. Some time i find i am banned even though I have never posted


  6. There are a couple of types of bans at GLP. If you have never posted and your IP gets banned, it is because GLP wants you to sign up. I would not take that personally.. Usually these bans get lifted after a while.

    Some posters get banned for posting things that go against the grain of what GLP decides is flavor of the month. I have seen plenty of examples of this happening and the posts made by the person banned are removed as well. If they have a certain guest on and people start mentioning stuff, they will delete what they consider to be offensive posts despite how true it might be.

    I would not take anything GLP does in the way of bans personally ever. It is an observation, that is all.

    A few years ago someone did some research and posted it on a firm although I cant find the link. What they discovered is that GLP is a social engineering site..just research godlike tavistock.


  7. Yes I would say its iffy too. I have lost many friends to icke and my self feel he is more a dangerous oculist than alister crowly for leading people astray as he has more mas appeal


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