Here is an excerpt from Blue Blood True Blood and Stewarts FAILED predictions .
GLOBAL PLANS 2001 – 2010
  • A staged Alien invasion will occur forcing all nations, religions and cultures to give up separate identities and unite under the United Nations
  • Certain Alien groups will be introduced as heroes who saved the Earth – This will likely be the group from Sirius A
  • A New World Religion will be introduced and enforced upon all people – This religion will have the male/female god/goddess as Princess Diana and Immanuel, hence the second coming of Christ
  • A cloned Christ wil be sent to Earth from Mars proclaiming his New Holy Empire
  • Blacks will be eliminated from Earth except for those who have a mixture of genetics from other races, like the Ethiopians, Sudanese and some United States and Carribean Blacks
  • Atlantean technology will be revealed and exploited
  • Jupiter will become a second sun making this a binary star system
  • Frozen moons of Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune will become earth like after the new sun shines and a redistribution of Earth’s huge population will begin. At least 3 Billion people will be re colonized on at least 6 new Earths
  • All people will have a chip placed in their skulls connecting them to a central computer system
  • Interplanetary and inter dimensional travel will be openly available to select people
  • The so called “indigo Children” a code name for Illuminati to indicate children with abilities will be confiscated from their parents and trained by the Empire
Stewart “channeling”…
From 2005
Stewart Says . . .
 Dead Men Talking
May 4, 2005
 The story I am about to relate is absolutely true and continues to
 this moment. Many
of you know that at times I see dead people who tell me things
related to a client that I am speaking with at that moment. Sometimes I´ll have a dream with
a message from a departed person. The incidents are only occasional,
and I am not particularly fond of dealing with those who are no
longer in body.
A couple of weeks ago, I started getting strange events around me.
 Items were flung out
of my hands, seemingly by some unseen force. A stereo speaker which
was not working
in a while suddenly sprang to life, and I heard my ex-mother-in-
law´s voice in my head say, “You´re welcome, Stew!” The stereo had
 belonged to her and her husband, now both dead.
Then, my exercise bicycle pedal started to spin all by itself, then
stop. Janet´s alarm clock kept going off many times in succession
even though we turned it off. As I sat answering emails one day, a
manila envelope suddenly jumped up into the air and fell down on the
All of these things could be considered “normal” for one such as me,
so I paid little attention to them and even thought they were funny.
But then, one evening before bed, I was gargling after brushing my
teeth, when I felt a hand grab my throat and made me swallow all of
the mouthwash! ! I was so mad, I screamed at the invisible whomever
and said, “You had better show yourself because now I am f**kin´ mad
 and you are in trouble!”
I went to bed angrily and went into my usual hyperspace work and
 visualizations. At exactly 1:00AM I opened my eyes to see a large
 group of people standing by my bed and filling my entire room! The
ones I recognized I knew to be dead. The rest stayed toward
the back and were in the shadows. My ex-mother-in-law who passed
away last summer was the ring leader, while my grandmother, Janet´s
grandmother, and a couple of other familiar faces were right beside
For the next three hours I was bombarded with intricate information
from many of these people concerning both personal and global
events, including things that I was told I had
to do immediately. They said they had tried to get my attention for
quite a while but that I ignored them. So, they had to get a bit
rough! They told me about changes I had to make to my home to
prepare for my older children coming to stay with us. It had to be
done before the end of 2005 since after this year, it would not be
possible to do this again for a long time. Something will happen on
the East Coast that will cause people to flee westward. It will
involve quakes in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge that will generate huge
 tidal waves. (Two days later the “freak” wave hit the cruise ship on
its way to NYC. I found out that there were quakes in the Mid-
 Atlantic Ridge at the same time!)
 They also told me that Seattle was imminently doomed, immediately
followed by a major volcanic event in Hawaii. Quakes there are
growing in intensity, now spreading into the ocean. After that,
Southern California will be destroyed in an enfolding quake and
tsunami. Then, the New Madrid fault line in the Central US will move
 tremendously and destroy St. Louis, Memphis, and Little Rock, and
 affect areas from Chicago to New Orleans.
They told me the true history of this region of the Great Lakes and
why Janet and I and others are here. It had to do with our genetics
 and the fact that both the Mayans and Vikings had been here 1000
years ago and we were part of that. I was told that there is a huge
crystal under Lake Michigan, shaped like a pyramid with the point
facing into the ground. A Viking ship remnant will be discovered up
the west coast of Michigan after a big storm.
I am to go to Mexico City and visit a museum where an artifact will
confirm this information. It will prove the connection between the
 states of Michoacan, Mexico and Michigan, USA. The names are related
 since they were named by the same people.
 They then took me up into the sky energetically and I flew at night
above the clouds. I could see the sun rising far in the east but
 could not see the ground due to the clouds. I told them I would not
 remember all this in the morning—they said I would.
I was taken to each room of my house and told how to change it and
 what to add. This building is to become a frequency holder and we
have to include living creatures from all parts of the Earth. They
 called it an ARKE, which backwards spells, EKRA. They said I would
 know what this meant soon.
I was told about who in my family will survive and who will perish.
 I was told about relationship events that are coming this year that
 are too personal to mention here. I was told to write this article,
 and told and told-with their laughter-to title it as I have. So I
 have done this.
 A lot of things that I was told have already come true. They said a
 lot of information would not be remembered until I spoke to the
 person who was supposed to hear it. This also happened.
 Some of what they told me to do does not fit my personality, i.e.,
 learn how to  use a motorcycle since gasoline will not be very
 available at some near future point. I am holding off on THAT one
 for a while.
 When the session ended at 4:00AM, there was a crackling noise as
 they all just faded out and the room was dark. I immediately fell
 into a deep sleep and awoke to brilliant sunshine much later than I
usually arise in the morning.
I was so emotional about it that every time I tried to tell Janet
 what happened, I began to cry hysterically. I could not control it.
 It took hours and days for me to get the whole story out to her
 which she entered into the computer for memory sake.
During the entire event, I was fully conscious and aware of my
 thoughts. I have confirmed the nuances of some of the ones I saw
 with those who knew them. This has never happened to me before, but
since then, I am acutely aware of the departed who are as real to me
 consciously now as any living person. This is not an ability I ever
 wanted nor expected. It unnerves me.
 So, that is what I have to tell you this time. I had something
 totally different to say, but since I don´t want to swallow any more
 mouthwash, I wrote this article. Take from it what you will.
Despite his absolute failed predictions.. the “ELOHIM”  are quite willing to look past this via their “channel” Rebecca Jennigan …who will be “interviewing” Swerdlow today….(Despite Swerdlow being “against” New Age channeled drivel…he is quite happy to be interviewed by a channeler)….and he is  a bit of a channeler himself it seems .
“We are the Elohim”We have been and always will be. We are your past, present and future. We come to tell you that in this time space that you recognize as life, you have many opportunities to create a world for the future that will no longer hold the negative forces that have residied here in the physical world on Earth. Through letting go of fear, lack, mistrust and all emotions that make you less than Who You Are, you can enjoy peace, harmony and an Earth that again is so abundant and teaming with forms of life and beauty it will make your soul sing. Be not afraid of the times ahead. Embrace this magnificent opportunity.
We are the Elohim and We Love You.


  1. Thanks for pointing this out, purple pebble. In this case, one can definitely easily say: FAIL!.
    Unbelievable, he needs to be called to account, but, of course, he/they are masters of censorship too, David Icke is not alone, and besides, the “chosen ones/Dugpas” are flawless and infallible ANY-WAY!
    Now, I just listened to their latest ghastly homevideo podcast, and Stewart mentions in there that ‘actually Saturn’ will become the second sun in our solar system(!??), and thus not Jupiter as he has claimed for years.(?)
    From about 8:30:

    If Stewarts’ predictions would have been correct, then we should have lived in an earthquake devastated world by now, with a strongly decimated, chipped to the brim population, openly managed by all kinds of alien creatures, and many of our relatives and acquiantances would have been relocated to several other celestial objects in our solar system…
    Yep, it sure seems also Stewart himself received ‘messages’ from obscure sources. The ‘ARKE’ of the Swerdlows turned out to be a robbers’ den called EKRA! LOL … So, THAT is why their ‘den’ is basically a semi-animal park.
    Wodka, nudity and group sex seem to be the main topics of interest for Stewie nowadays, or perhaps this has actually always been the case??


  2. In this clip one of the usual themes is along the lines of “getting rid of fear based” consciousness ….is what needs to happen or whatever….

    Please refer to stews fear based predictions and see how that worked out.
    Or Ickes reptiles in the closet waiting to get ya …
    (insert dugpa created doom and fear based doolally here)

    Will the “shift” want to accommodate all that bollox? Have the Dugpas outsmarted the universe…mixing aether, fear “love n light” with the use of NLP, mind comtrol and hegelian dialects…seminars,conferences, talks, books and DVD’s …. a supernatural soup for the soul……that will end up giving you the shits…..

    or will the “shift” leave humanity dugpa free….. Because according to what was said in that video it looks like there won’t be room for lying Dugpas or fear based thingys….Which would more than likely include a few of the speakers on the video…and all their friends….


    • None of these numerous guru’s, preachers and prophets strike me as true beings of ‘light and love’, none of them make me feel like wanting to hug them or snuggle with. That is ‘love and light’, isn’t it; cuddling, snuggling, hugging, kissing??
      Let me think: David Icke, no, please no; Janet Swerdlow, ummm no!; Santos Bonacci, no, he feels like a metallic traffic light; Kerry Cassidy, well she seems pretty sweet and attractive, but that is from behind my computer screen…

      …Most of these many preachers, exposers, truthsayers, (conspiracy) guru’s and prophets seem to find themselves in a far-reaching state of deterioration as well. Yuk, yucky Yuckypas!

      BUT, according to them, we as a human species are currently very close to becoming ‘upgraded’ and ‘transformed’, or something.
      So this will have to imply that beauty will be created out of shit??

      Yes, perhaps the numerous Dugpas are actually announcing their own demise, purple pebble!?! lol


  3. They all talk a big talk…fill heads with fluffy sentiments and wishes like some pretentious old man on his deathbed hoping and dreaming for a slice of heaven….after his last breath..

    I mean, whats this new love filled world going to be compromised of? Will there be a plethora of conferences, seminars, books and CD’s etc explaining that now in this new age there is no need for conferences, books , seminars and CD’s ? …thats all they are good for lmao!

    ( believe it or not they have started THAT already) I will see if I can find it…conferences on why conferences are no good for you…FFS! This new seminar was the brainchild of a couple who had made all their money holding new agey type conferences only to realize that they were actually going NOWHERE…so they decided to start seminars and conferences on why they are pointless…..WHAT a couple o dugpas ..I will try my best to find it, I forgot their names though, these two were being promoted on a radio show last week….as soon as I do they will be on this site…

    If that world they talk about is coming, they will all be out of a job…so yeah buh bye fuckers if thats the case.


    • That’s curious indeed, purple pebble, this ‘conferencing against conferences’ couple you mention.
      Well, perhaps they do have some valid and interesting information to share(?) .. but, if that might be the case, why the conference and seminar form though(!) .. it sounds a bit like that recent channel boy, Greg, who channeled the info that channeled info is actually not exactly the way it is presented and somewhat misleading…


  4. Mind f*cking is all they know…it’s their stock and trade, When their jaw is flapping that means they’re hissing out snake deceptions.

    Some are better disguised snakes than others. There are also many different levels of snakes but the bottom line is lets continue to get the smokey branch to flush them out of their hole!


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