15 thoughts on “LINDA JOSLIN – SHE DUGPA

  1. Through facebook accounts you can find out a little more how exactly the bunnies walk in conspiracy guru land.
    Some proof that they (ultimately) belong to the same ‘Oversoul’, which is in effect a shit filled, hardly ventilated UBER-rabbit hole. 😉

    I see that Gareth Icke is a favorite musician of Janet, … at least on her facebook account…. It’s so cheap and clinging.
    It is all about feeding the bottoms of their own species, in order to collectively fuck with the minds of the people.
    Btw, that’s about what you mean by the term ‘collective possession’, ain’t it, purple pebble?


  2. Yeah the collective possession…..all in cahoots ….I couldnt have said it better than you Matijn…its all about the very thing they claim to be against…fame… power…and control (of the spiritual kind) their calling card …or one of them is the colour Violet….the NWR “colour” of the beast…it has to look “pretty” or people wouldn’t buy it….it has something to do with electricity as well methinks.


  3. “I see that Gareth Icke is a favorite musician of Janet’s…” (Martijn)

    Gareth Icke should be NO ONE’S favorite musician…sheeeze! That shows you right there that these Dugpas will buttress any “players” nonsense to ‘keep it all in the (Adam’s) family’! They don’t have to like or even agree with each other because they are towing the same NWR party-line. Thanks for makin’ it plain you guys.


    “New Age
    The “New Age Prophetess”, Alice Bailey, in her system called the Seven Rays which classifies humans into seven different metaphysical psychological types, the “seventh ray” of “Ceremonial Order” is represented by the color violet. People who have this metaphysical psychological type are said to be “on the Violet Ray” (link)

    The ‘Violet-Luciferian’ connection – Bingo!


  4. Thanx for posting this. This is my favorite alt media site on the web. You guys rock. May we all shun and scorn and ridicule all dugpas. Lol


  5. Yea Purple-waves…NOT VIOLET…Purple!!! ;-D

    “You guys rock. May we all shun and scorn and ridicule all dugpas. Lol” (Vertogg).

    Lampoon, Satire, and expose ’em Dugpas and we’ll have them beating a hasty retreat back to their dank, underventilated Lairs. HeHe.

    You’ve just caught the purple wave, Vertogg. May it spread across the land!


  6. …and don’t psychopaths – by definition – believe in themselves and their own sh*t. That’s how they can “sell-it” so well!


  7. They blow a violet bubble – we pop a violet bubble…BLOW…pop…BLOW…pop… Two sides can play this game for as long as it takes the bamboozled to catch on.

    This link below is a typical example of how they mix their ‘New Age-Alice Baily-Luciferianism’ with ‘feel-good charity-in-motion-help-the-world-spiritualilty.’ Thanks to the Dugpa’s Blog and others similar – people are seeing through the Dugpa global mission. The left hand path reveal themselves with statements like this:

    “Existence is ONE THING, not any collection of things linked together. Fundamentally there is ONE BEING.” (Link below)


    The problem with this sentence being that on the level of SOURCE there’s perhaps a unified sentient energy…but that’s NOT what they’re referring to. They’re trying to blur the lines ‘BETWEEN’ true evil – (error) that’s causing all the mayhem in front and behind the scenes ‘AND’ those who are not from the same shoot (so to speak). True BEINGS couldn’t be more opposite to the parasitic dark ones. Two ARE NOT one being!

    And since they’re in the business of manipulating humanity into complicity – ‘We Are All One’ – deceptions and mantra-repetitions are meant to work on the subconscious. It will just feel “right” and “natural” to go with the NWR flow for many.

    ‘Engineered One-World Soul Enslavement’ with Lord Lucifer at the helm under the evil “WE ARE ALL ONE” banner. Let’s pop some more bubbles!


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