3 thoughts on “LIFESTYLE

  1. ….. “…’cause I’m a motherf*cking P.I.M.P.”. LOL

    Looking into the descriptions of the several demons in texts on demonology, like in e.g. ‘The Lesser Key of Solomon’, you will find that demons often have teaching abilities, such as philosophy, astronomy, geometry, sciences, secret things; abilities to ‘reveal all mysteries of the Earth’, but also can teach you about things as ‘the virtues of all herbs and plants and precious stones’, and ‘tells all past, present and future things’, as well as ‘all secret and divine things of Earth and the creation of the world’, and so on.

    Now, looking at the so-called truthmovement,…. something tells me that we might have a lot of busy little demonic parasites at work in there.

    Of course, when you’d make a certain deal with a certain demon, you can also live the lifestyle of a wealthy pimp. No problemo.


  2. I agree. The image he provides is of a pimp. Seriously…How can anyone read that load of crap and still believe Swerdlow is of a higher nature ? Actually he’s telling you right there that he isn’t.


  3. Stewart: “the airport lounge resembles a Romanov castle” lolz…He sounds like an 8 year old kid writing to his grandmother. The well entrenched followers are quite happy to see him being treated like “royalty” (whats wrong with you people???)

    Can you imagine David Icke talking such shit? Of course not..he wouldnt get away with it…hes the “humble pauper”….but his mate is a big ole galactic pimp….something for everyone….


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