During this podcast   at around 4.40  in this,the  She Dugpa mentioned that Gary the Numbers Guy claimed the letter M was used as a clue to what “they” are up to..(M is the 13th letter of the alphabet)

This reminded me of this “formula” posted by Janet in February of 2011 .

More “M” Words
Posted On February 2nd, 2011 by Janet
I talk to My Self.  A lot.
I like to review everything that happens, as it happens.
I like to Magnify the active aspects of My Self to determine My
growth for the Moment.
Yes, you read correctly. For the Moment. Why wait for an entire
event or day to pass?
I Magnify each available aspect of who and what I am so I can Make
lightning-speed decisions. Does this need to be balanced? Do I need
to change directions? Am I content with what I said or did? Do I
have peace within My Self? Should I do something differently next
Sometimes, things happen that need more thought. Things I don’t
understand at that Moment.
I bet this happens to you, too. What do you do? How do you react?
Think about it? Hold onto it? Allow it to twist and turn inside
until you become physically ill?
I have learned through the years to set these types of issues
I check inside to ensure that My Self is anchored in the strength
of My Oversoul and God-Mind.
I know that life comes at Me with Hurricane Force—or here in
Michigan, Maybe I should say “Snow Storm Force.”
The stronger I become, the stronger the Force becomes.  The hits
and blows are harder.
Do you experience this, too?  Do you crumble, fall, and start over
again? Or do you hunker down, bringing in stronger Oversoul and
God-Mind reinforcements, continuing to Move forward against the
You always have choices. Tough ones. The stronger you get, the
tougher the choices. This is why it is so important that  you take
time to converse with your Self.  To “Magnify Your Mind.”  To know
what is within your own Mind.
Mind-Control happens when someone else knows your Mind  better than
A simple formula:
Muck out what bothers you. Magnify it. Mirror it back. Make you
look. Meltdown follows.
Malicious Malevolent Masters Methodically Manufacture Maligned
Mind-Patterns for Mind-Control Maze.
I don’t allow this to happen. God knows that people (and others)
have tried. And are still trying.
I “Magnify My Mind” to Maximize My Morals, Motivate My Movement,
and Maintain My Marvelous Mansion of My Soul.

“Magnify Your Mind” is My Magnetic Manual Mitigating
Mind-Control Matters. Myriad of Mainstay Mega-Motivators.
Join Me. Together let’s Move your Microcosm into the
”Magnify YOUR Mnd” before someone else does it for you.
Multiplying My Magnificence while waiting for you,
PS. Make “Magnify Your Mind” Materialize in your Mailbox in 7
Magical Days.
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As per usual the amount of bullshit that spews out of this Dugpas double talking mouth is evident.

12 thoughts on “JANET- THE SHE DUGPA

  1. …. and you Too can afford ADT home security system.

    Repeat after her: “they’re leading you on the path that they want you to be on”… “they” – the “bad guys” right?
    But hey, like Janet says, the illuminati always tell you up front what they’re doing! (how clever)
    because “Mind-Control happens when someone else knows your Mind better than you”.

    At minute 10:38 after showing photo after photo of zombie make-up, she says “I want to make sure that is fresh on your mind”.

    “The stronger I become, the stronger the Force becomes. The hits and blows are harder.”
    “The stronger you get, the tougher the choices.”

    especially: “Thank you for all your financial support so we can continue to give back to you”. GIVE ???
    cough cough

    Great Post apurplepebble…


    • Janet is a Mudd(led), Muddle-headed, Mud-head, Mudsill and Mud-slinging, Muddling along Muffin face, with or without a Mud pack, THATS the question …, says Martijn. 😉


  2. It should also be noted that their previous numerologist ,who relocated to St.Joseph to be their neighbor, fled upon finally realizing the play.

    Wouldn’t the numbers have revealed it early on?

    Gary the Numbers Guy was a paying regular over at GLP btw. rolls eyes!


  3. I have never been to an Expansions ‘conference’, but my impression is that it is mainly the ‘vibe’ that causes this certain enthousiasm with the participants. Content wise, it usually seems rather poor. For this year’s conference they had trapped this Bosnian pyramid expert into their business, which is mentioned by participants as pretty much the highlight of this year’s conference.

    Janet’s constant numerological and gematrial juggling is pathetic. That’s (also) what programmers do; creating sequences. High ceremonial magicK, Crowley style.


  4. “Janet’s constant numerological and gematrial juggling is pathetic. That’s (also) what programmers do; creating sequences. High ceremonial magicK, Crowley style.”



  5. Martijn,
    I attended one conference. Janet said essentially the same thing about that conference . It wasn’t any such thing and I don’t believe this one was either.

    The “enthusiasm” you refer to I feel comes from meeting people who have similar interests. I believe most of the people who were at the conference I attended have since “woken up” to the Swerdlows and their ilk. There were a few there who were already very doubtful and just “checking ” things out first hand.


    • Sounds right to me, what you describe, MN.
      That ‘vibe’ of interest that is mainly created by listening to/watching the Swerdlows from behind your computer screen.
      Most of the people that were present at these seminars and lectures of these older DVD series, many of these that are currently still sold, probably have no affilliation with Expansions anymore. I’ve heard that.
      I only know the Swerdlows from behind my computerscreen from about the end of 2007/early 2008, and later from hear-say, and got increasingly seriously suspicious from about the moment they drastically raised the prices of their products and services. That was somewhere in 2010, if I’m not mistaken, and also because of a ‘newsletter’ I had subscribed to during a ‘for sale’; this was announced as ‘incredible’ and ‘amazing’, but actually turned out to be unbelievably empty and shallow.
      I had never heard of the HyperspaceCafe forum until Janet started mentioning it last year.


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