Marilyn and Cecil 1956

Jackie Kennedy and Cecil in 1951

Marilyn 1956

Jackie Kennedy 1956

Cecil photOgraphed Jackie Kennedy in 1951 and Marylin Monroe in 1956.

This was a one time sitting with Marilyn.

Note the waif like figure of Jackie Kennedy compared to Marylin Monroe’s fuller figure.

Shut the fuck up Ed

If it looks like and smells like a Rabbit Hole

It is a Rabbit Hole.

Ed Chiarini is a silly bunny laying in wait at the end of the shit filled rabbithole called Wellaware1

and a pathetic dugpa of derision.

Thats why there are certain new agers and whatnot  out there that give Ed Chiarini credence.

It’s a collective possession,engineered by a bunch o’ Dugpas.


  1. To me, in this case, ‘dirty Ed’ could be right about Jackie and JFK having been transformed into Rosalind and Jimmy Carter. They share remarkable similarities, I think, but he adds to this Marylin Monroe, which is complete and utter nonsense. He is doing this deliberately, I assume, because he knows he is a hired con artist, of course.
    I hadn’t checked his wellaware1 site in a while, and it looks like ‘dirty Ed’ is on some kind of an amfetamine lately, looking at the amount of different ‘cases’ he has issued the past weeks/months.
    He seems to have started his business relatively slowly and carefully, and probably also with a substantial amount of valid information, but he has gone wild periodically now, and now produces almost without exception the most obscene and crazy nonsense he could possibly dream up, all done in this typically slicky way of presenting.

    But .. yea, look at JFK and look at Jimmy Carter, look at Jackie and look at Rosalind… it is certainly not far fetched, this particular one.


  2. The image of Rossalyn Carter that Ed Chiarini posted is an image of an older Rossalyn Carter…..if you can find pictures of her when she was young, she looks, well, like a younger version of that image Ed Chiarini posted…


  3. Oh and I’ve found out that ed and Linda joslin a new age fraudster were colluding together. Linda you may remember was ”outed” as lady Diana by ed several months ago. But ed allowed Linda to continue to post her take on ”outed” celebs such as Amy w/gaga-zooeykaty under her alt. Name SAMEANTHA feeterson. She also had a YouTube ch SAMEFEET with many mirror videos of ed’s work. She used feet/toe comparisons which was her staple. There is a video exposing their game-SAME OLD GAME WMV which ed got removed from YouTube and godlikeprod but it can now be seen on VIMEO. Since then both SAMEANTHA FEETERSON’S fb page and SAMEFEET’S YouTube acct has been deleted or is hidden.BUSTED!!!!


  4. I’ll remind that these images are 2D images.I assure you that if you stood ,in person, facing Jackie and Rosalyn standing side by side they would bear little resemblance,

    Chiarini is a rodeo clown.


  5. Having worked in the fashion photograhy industry I can pick apart his ideas of makeup sculpting “tricks”.

    For starters Ed ,white eyeliner is used to make the eye appear larger not smaller.
    The lighter shimmery lipcolor used on the center of Rosalyn’s bottom lip is used to make the lips appear fuller not smaller as you “suggest”.

    It doesn’t appear to me that Jackie is wearing black eyeliner. Blackeyeliner would be to heavy for her eyes and make them appear smaller. Jackie had thick eyebrows without having to pencil them in but I’m sure for the camera she did as many women do and “tweaked ” this. So?

    Marilyn is wearing false eyelashes on the outer half of her eyes in the pics you have posted not eyeliner.

    Shut the Fuck up Chiarini! You’re obviously a rodeo clown.


  6. Hi Vertogg, I missed the whole Linda Joslin is Lady Diana…that of course is more bullshit …I met Lady Di about 20 something years ago…and I have a photo I took of her with my grandmother…which I will gladly put up if it helps put a nail in this particular coffin…

    Your proper fucked now Ed


  7. Purple-yeah ed was pulling a fast one with Linda/SAMEFEET/SAMEANTHA feeterson. Vimeo-SAME OLD GAME WMV. Proof he was colluding with Linda all the while he ”outed” her as lady Diana.


  8. Sometimes all you need to do is look at who appears on what “alternative” radio shows/webcasts or whatever to figure out who is in cahoots with who

    like this for example

    The Swerdlows and Bill Brockbrader to name a few were regulars on Wolf Spirit Radio…


  9. Fast slick Eddy must know very well that he is conning and cheating his audience.
    When looking into this case, one will have to conclude that Ed Chiarini is, let us be quite clear about this, a diabolical psychopath.
    We must call a spade a spade, Ed. So… Ed Chiarini EXPOSED.


    • @martijn- I saw your comments about the jackass crew staging a fake murder in Holland in 2004!! I cannot believe they know how to spell their own names much less be fluent in Dutch. He must think we are fools. Oh wait-HE DOES.LOL


    • Ed Chiarini ultimately relies on the people who support his rabbit hole NOT doing the footwork themselves…just another energy zapping rabbit hole that like Vertogg says..leads NOWHERE…and Ed Chiariani is just one of many…it isn’t paranoia on my part it’s a fact.


      • @purplep-ed also doesn’t like it when people debunk some of his insane ”matches”. Like months age he claims that aleister Crowley was really prof. Jeffrey hart who was an associate of William f. Buckley of national review. Yet Crowley who was born in 1875 and hart who was born in1930 could not be the same person. There is also much written about crowley pre 1930 so unless aleister time travelled to the future they are clearly not the same person.


    • Let me tell ya when the video came out he moved very quickly to get it flagged from YouTube. And he and his mirrors have blocked me from posting it on his videos. He claimed he didn’t know who this SAMEFEET was but he was lying and he disabled all comments on the videos I and others posted it on.BUSTED.


  10. These stupid Dugpas will do stuff like that.. Stewart Swerdlow has tried on several occasions to take down the Hyperspace Cafe and has FAILED..he is another one who blocks comments on YouTube and his website..every now and then he will post a comment from someone who sees through his bollox, to make it look as if he only gets a “bad poster” every six months or so..he keeps his forum private and for people that PAY to post on his forum…he has tried to bully and harass people that have called him out. People who were hosting him in other countries, (respectable good people) tried to “expose” them in his podcasts and on the “alternative” media circuit. He has stalked the owner of the forum, gangstalked the forum, called the cops on the owner for no reason, just to fuck with him, and has used his weak dugpa abilities to make people think he is some kind of all knowing all seeing spiritual badass to try and intimidate them..(much like Ed Chiarini in that respect)…


    • I NEVER fell for stew swerdlows stuff. But I was intrigued by ed’s stuff for a while until I came across others who claim he uses facial imaging software and a web spider to make his ”matches” all that is available online-fb/Google/websites.


  11. Ed seems to forget to address those people who know some of the people he “profiles”. Knew them from childhood on up . Also know that there are/were times certain people he says are one in the same person,were in the very same room/area simultaneously with said double .

    Chiarini is a clown working to destabilize .


    • You are correct mercy he is counting on people to be so bereft of any knowledge of some of his ”subjects”. I think most of his audience are 20 something know nothings.


  12. *Destabilize* is the right word, to plant the (grass) seeds of self-doubt in young truthseekers, especially. If he can get this young crop to DISTRUST ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING than he has prepared the soil well.

    He repeats the same message: “Don’t believe anything that you ASSUMED you knew before – that could smack of common sense – lolz. Believe only the preposterous, spewed, ‘carnival-barker bullsh*t’ that I photo-manipulate.”

    Chiarini doesn’t even care about plausibility, like his comrad in arms, FormerWhiteHat. And look at the people who were willing to follow HIM! He’s fulfilling his assignment to a T for as long as he can get away with it.

    BECAUSE OF THE IMPORTANT, HUMANITARIAN WORK of this Dugpa Site and others…Chia-pet-arini is going to get his hairs mowed! Yipeeeee! ;-D Gracias.


    • Well put Elizabeth. He is a psyop agent. He wants you to think nothing is real therefore you have no basis of existence. So the only ”way” to follow him. A total DUGPAS.


  13. ROFLMAO Vertogg and Martijn! Maybe he’s bald? ha ha ha ~ NO! ~ If I blow in one ear…the hair on the other side ruffles-so we know he’s not bald! HeeHeeHee. This is just TOO MUCH FUN!

    Not for nuthin’ but I’m going to sum up 2012 as the “YEAR OF COGNITIVE DISSONANCE!”

    As MN likes to say, the rodeo clowns are out in full force, the carnival barkers, Projects Camelot and Avalon…One right after the other are -.as evil toads are want to do – losing their legs right and left and are then so condemned to swim around the pond in circles ever more. Poor “lost-soul” toads. ;-D

    We’re lucky to have our ‘wise-one’ PurplePebble draining the pond on these toads. KEEP UP THE TERRIFIC
    WORK PP! You go girrrl!


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