11 thoughts on “REPRESENTIN

  1. Hah, hah, hah…The Dugpa ‘dress’ m up agent’ for the cause! They’re just revealing their roots and he has the T shirt to prove it ;D


  2. Representin’ the ancient and mystical order of the delusional Dugpas of Tibet.

    I must admit that this was actually only my third guess. My first guess was the Order of the Dyed Beards, second one was the Order of … no I leave this one out.. 😉

    Stewie is a damn good “dummy’…. in ALL its meanings.


  3. I wonder if he finally got that Mercedes he always wanted, to go along with their million dollar house and diamond earrings. Didn’t his rates go from $120 to about half a grand for an hour phone consult where he “sieze” a big change in your life, to leave your spouse and move to Michigan? LOLOL Only the BEST Russian Vodka for the man who, qoute: “used to be” an alcoholic but he changed his brand, I mean Mind Pattern ! 😛


  4. Yeah…I paid for one of those gold chains ……you paid for the other one, MN paid for the diamonds, Martijn and Squrrel paid for the downpayment on his Hummer. Warren paid for a case of the finest vodka..Lolz…no shit.


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