3 thoughts on “YOU WANNA TALK “CODE”?

  1. Clues and x-factors for yous, yuckypas, thou shall not be the victor when paarse kiezelsteentjes keep up falling from the clear blue skies. Beware of the Beast. 😉


  2. Disintegrating astral, attacks from every dimension, cracked codes, pebbles falling from the sky…oh my! It won’t be long now Dugpas. Good Bye! (Here’s a first hand account of the FAILING astral project to bring in the NWO).


    “…It seems the scientists (working in the astral) are studying the point of ascension for humans and the point of descension, They’re studying what it takes; the conditions that need to be met; and the level of awareness needed, so that they can probably cause the exact opposite. In recent years, when I have popped up in these simulations, I see decay and they are almost barren. ***There are buildings and construction and even the restrictive vibrations, but it’s not holding up. Its falling apart because the vibrations are not strong enough, I see other beings struggling to keep it together, but they’re weary and frustrated, like pulling stones around” (Ashley).


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