Stewart Swerdlow Claimed he travelled back in time to “Shoot” Jesus…..and collect a vial of Jesus’ blood to clone another Jesus or some bullshit ……But didn’t have the guts to do it..
“I knew intuitively that should fill the tube with the blood of this man . Because I could not get to the top or side wound, I needle pricked the thumb of his left leg.
 Not even startled. He continued to watch me, his head fell into his chest. I filled the tube with blood. Although it was a small wound to bleed profusely. Looking up again, I saw smiling. Did not know that I will act on its own? As I was obliged to do so?
 When I stopped the finger tube I woke up instantly on Mars, who sent me I monitored all movements in the past and did not want to make a mistake, given the important mission and they were afraid lest their precious vars ” capture. I waited there on Mars My friend Duncan Cameron caught me by the arm and we went together to a cave that is opened inside the wall of rock.
 The ideal place for hiding a blood sample was Mars .
for the blood of Jesus had used to clone an android body with a brain, a sort of copy of Jesus, but with a mind controlled by the government. Nobody would have doubted that this is not Jesus’s blood is the same as that on the Shroud. If this mission is successful, it was a perfect plan to control people, which could not be stopped again . “
Despite  Ickes caims during his “Genesis” period…”In the Beginning” Icke claimed he was the son god…you know the story…..
On Ickes headlines yesterday he claims  there was no “Jesus”


More derision for you from the makers of derision ….



  1. Creepy agencies who pay employees BLOATED salaries (CIA/NSA/Tavistock etc.) to (((CuNnInGlY))) plant confusion into the minds of a targeted groups of inquisitive people, are an effective way to keep their prey spinning in circles. You’ve demonstrated this beautifully Purple Pebble! 😀

    DI and SS claim to be truthseeker colleagues bringing “THE hidden TRUTH” to the people…MEANWHILE…much of their content majorly contradicts each other. Janet and Stewart contradict each other too!

    When smoke starts coming out of your ears by reading too many of their “stories” (while trusting them as personalities) ~ NO MATTER HOW THEY FLATTER OR ENTERTAIN YOU ~ you’ll know it’s time to stop.

    Tell your friends to check into this blog for more of intriquing insights.


    • I’ve been watching their podcasts (the Swerdlow’s) just for amusement, and yes, there are a few things that make me wonder, which may be pure coincidences (for example, Prince died on the Queen of England’s birthday: prince/queen.) and the numerology is intriguing. But OMG, they contradict each other so much! Not so long along, Janet asked him something about that hyperspace gibberish and he didn’t know. Really? That’s all they preach and he didn’t know? That is only one example.

      Their intro as two of the world’s top psychic/clairvoyants, they suck. Barely nothing that they’ve said (from podcasts at least) have come true. And what about the alien stage invasion? Keeps getting posponed, I guess.

      I must give them credit as they have awesome imagination! Let alone all the money they must be making, because nothing is free with them. Website membership is a monthly fee, and all their “seminars” and courses are pay per view and NOT included with the monthly membership (and not cheap either!) No, I haven’t paid them a cent, thankfully, as I saw all was money, money, money, and all the horror stories of ex-members.

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      • If you want to learn something from Janet or Stew, head on over to the Huffington Post, that is where they get their info from. The alien invasion ting has been going on for years, so has the Montauk Movie, that never transpired either. A bit like the Genesis movie, first of all these people involved in this project were raising money for special effects, now it has morphed into a theme park style 4D experience. It is a never ending request for handouts and not much else.

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      • I’ve heard all these concepts before (staged or real invasion, Montauk) throughout the years, yes. I wish I would’ve thought of doing something like this myself! Regurgitate some non-sense and charge for it. Hmm, maybe I still can! Lol. In reality, I couldn’t, I’m too honest to do such a thing.


  2. I’ve read Stewart stating that at about the very moment he set foot on British soil on his recent trip, he got a textmessage from David Icke welcoming him.

    “David Icke texted me as soon as I arrived to make sure all was well and posted all my events on his site. Thank you, David!”

    David, you are a wonderful altruistic human being… courageous also… a hero.

    Stewie’s story on himself supposedly travelling through time and taking a blood sample of “Jesus/Jmmanuel” sounds outrageous and difficult to believe and/or to grasp. This certainly cannot be substantiated, which makes it just a matter of believe, as a lot of his claims are just a matter of believe. As much of the bible is just a matter of believe. Sure, we are going somewhere…


  3. Nothing like a sad old loser who needs to let everyone know about a text message from Dugpa Icke.

    During the trip he visited Rosslyn Chapel and then wonders why his plane catches on fire…(he should consider that a warning). Infact it sounds as if the whole trip was a trip from hell, he got the ra-ras eating bad food, lost his clothes,plane catches on fire… has an interview in Ireland and boldface lies about the staged alien invasion that never happened at the Olympics….

    Rosslyn was built on a Mithraic Temple….he will charge you 50.00 to tell you that.


  4. I have read Joseph Atwill’s Caesars Messiah the Roman Conspiracy to invent Jesus. At the time according to historic documents Josephus Flavius War of the Jews Titus Flavius Declared War on a band of Secarii Knife carrying Jews who refused to acknowledge him Titus Flavius as their lord. Titus Flavius failed miserably in getting the jews to bow down to him as their lord he even tortured to the point of death their children and to his amasment refuse to call him lord. Josephus Flavius War of the Jews is along with the dead sea scrolls was the only historic document that both christian scholars and historian rely on to try to pice together the War Titus Flavius and his general Tiberius were engage in with the miltant jews. The Romans pretty much destroyed massive amounts of historic documents to conceal Josephus Flavius subterfuge and back dated them to make it seem Titus Flavius is the Son of Man who would visit the jew in Judegment on Jurasalem of which he fullfilled every one of his doomday prophecies when he uterly destroyed Jurasalem in 73AD exactly a generation from 33AD when jesus susposedly gave his end time prohecies for the evil jews and demon possed according to him which is the way Titus Flavius felt about them since they the miltant jews fought to the last man woman and child and cost him loosing massive amounts of his troops. The thing of it was they belived in a miltant messiah would rise up and uterly destroy the Romans. The Romans captured the miltant jewish leaders Simeon and John simeon he kiledl but John he spared to serve the Roman empire latter they captured Eleazar on the mount of olives. The whole new testament is about the comedy of Titus Flavius Campaign from the galien sea battle where he tells his men not to abandon him when he takes on the galien war ships and his men sink or knock them over they fall into the sea and his men catch or kill the jewish rebels like fish when they try to pop out the water for air the battle leads right up to the mount of olives.

    Basically the New testament is a Lampon about Titus Flavius miltary campaign dealing with the miltant jews according to Joseph Atwill.The New Testment was Titus Flavius and Josephus Flavius final solution to take the steam out of the miltant jews and make them pacifist and accept a pacifist messiah rather then a miltant one enventually became a tools to pacify the rest of his subjects to keep the Roman peach and be happy with their current status in life. The New Testament is pro Roman and anti jewish Messianic and was meant for Roman times.He succesfully got the jews to worship him as their lord in the person of Jesus Christ.

    At the time Rome allowed all kinds of religions to be allowed but could only exist with the conditioned that caesar should be honored and worshiped as a god in their temple. This is way the Roman Catholic church is filled will remants from many religions such as buddhism not its religion but the creation of Monks and Nuns and the rosary counting and mantra chanting the hail mary much like the buddhist prayer counting beads when they say their mantras. I should know I went to a catholic school for 2yrs and went to church or mass or church for the rabble I think every day and went through the whole ritual doing the Kabalistic Father Son and Holy spirit and signing the cross from forhead and left and right shoulder with the holy water and bowing the knee stuff doing the cannibalistic eating the flesh of christ and drinking his blood in the form of their symbols of bread waffer and grape juice or was it real red wine. I saw the Isis statue representation of Mary and Jesus statue with the sacred heart thing to signfy divine love for humanity.

    I have first read Joseph Atwill material long before it was posted on Ickes site. Atwill info makes more sense then Tony Bushbys account about the question of Jesus Christ although Tony Bushby goes into a lot of Esoteric concepts concerning the identity of Jesus Christ and why we are here of which his contention is that christianity is a fraud. Although he states up front to his readers he does not present his info to be mean spirited has no ill will torward christianity same with Joeseph Atwill feels no ill will either toward the religion.

    Everybody in reading this material has to decide about this for thereself. I have decided that Joeseph Atwill material makes a whole lot of sense to me in relation to the New Testament and what it is really all about which is very dark comedy created by the Flavian courts to make fun of the miltant jews and pacify any and all people from rebeling against Rome and it appears it is functioning in our time to decieve and control people via this invention of Titus Flavius and Josephus Flavius.


  5. All one needs to do is “read” the murals at Denver International Airport to understand the NWO “play”.It’s all there ….in color.


  6. And their NWO “play” is still “in play” all day everyday. (Tptb) are giving it everything they’re got. It’s imperative for them (and their negative ET/ED backers) that they interfere with humanity’s ability to absorb etheric energy at this critical juncture. Their Dugpa black magick attacks to keep us ungrounded and therefore less protected; their worldwide chem-trail, HAARP/Scalar programs, The vaccination “programs” the GMO foisted on us; The planetary electromagnetic soup and broadcasting of the blue meanies subliminal programming to keep us in line and on board;

    According to Tom Montalk If they can successfully block humanity from being able to receive massive amounts of etheric energy – which is what this battle is all about – then they’ll be able to lock us in for another cycle. Tom Montalk, in his interesting vid explains the grey hybridization program and all the efforts that (tptb) who do their bidding take to suppress this energy from bombarding the earth. Historically, past rises in etheric energy translates into major DNA upgrades and positive evolution. This is upon us now and ideally they’d be wanting the remaining population to serve as energy feed for themselves. He claims that the positive Nordics are trying to help. (1:05 – 1:07 ) vid total 1:15.

    Since they’re hitting us with every slimy thing visible and invisible – the very least we can do is resist it with our will and spread the word. KICK EM’ WHERE IT COUNTS Don’t “get with the program”


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