A well known Dugpa from the industry shows up in a “dream” …it is not a dream. It is them either trying to program you or trying to get info on you via the astral.

If this happens and you catch em…just tell em to kindly fuck off. it is that simple.

3 thoughts on “IF

  1. Can you elaborate?

    Sounds similar to being approached by “random” strangers who ask seemingly “innocent”, yet somewhat personal questions and usually want to hand you something.


  2. There are some well known people in the industry that are into getting their jollies in the astral. Some try to neutralize / program, try and give you the hebe’s….no different from anyone else who might be into this tactic for whatever reason.


  3. For instance if the “dream” seems to drag on in real-time…you might feel like it’s endless. You might see them and also feel bored or creeped out (because being programmed can take awhile and be boring sometimes). Or else it could be a programming dream being beamed out to the multitudes via the satelite technology that they deploy every night.

    Who’s the programmer and who’s the programmee? The “truthseeker mouthpiece” with a mike in their hand standing on the stage or the one who follows their info. and sits in the audience?


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