The New World of the  Gnomes……With Many Little Things,You can Build Up a Whole New World

3 thoughts on “GNOME-ENCLATURE

  1. Many hands make light work they say.

    PP, why do you suppose Mrs. Gnome went on about their tall hats in the first video? What are they hiding? It reminds me of the Saturday Night Live spinoff, “The Coneheads” lol. I’m sure there’s quite a few short hominid AI or demonized ET/ED creatures doing darkness’s bidding whether by hook or by crook.


  2. I thought the gnome (David) flying though the serpents eye was a bit “strange” too…and she does spend a lot of time going on about the hats. Peaked hats like Dunce Caps were shaped like that to funnel energy upwards, like a church spire does…


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