3 thoughts on “KRISHNAMURTI

  1. If I was from…say…a certain shoot of the tree of creation. You know…the dark, illegitimate, twisted one. And, in order to ‘keep on, keeping on…’ as the saying goes – I needed to steal LEGITIMATE source energy in order to stay afloat. (You know…because true human beings have that contained within their soul casings)- Then the first thing I’d do is try and convince the legitimate (good)ones that they were the same as the illegitimate (evil) ones!

    And, that by normal people using common adjectives to describe honest differences – the dark ones that WANT TO BLUR the differences – would need to label that intellectual, discriminating behavior as unspiritual!

    I suppose Lucifer wouldn’t like the worldly population to wake up and realize that 99% of what passes for “SpIriTuAl on this earth plan is just ‘CANNED LUCUFERIANISM.

    WE ARE ALL ONE AND THE SAME ~~~ from the same Kabbala ‘TREE OF LIFE.’ Just one, (((BIG))) happy family.

    In your tWiStEd, astral dreams, YOU RATS! …. just you wish! ~~hee hee hee~~. 🙂 😀 ;D Listen, I’d hate to be slated for demo too! BOO HOO! But your pathetic, feeble plan of world domination via NWO/NWR iz – as you’ve probably already realized by now – completely underwhelming…sad AND funny…all at the same time.

    Keep it up though, **as we know you will.** 😀 You amuse us…hah hah hah hah hah hah!


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