Here we have a typical dugpa response from Stewart

“You only see in others what exists inside of you”

This statement is a metaphysical trap that is designed to deflect and quell a persons  natural instincts about things that they feel  don’t add up about a person.

The only people that use this sentence are the ones who have something to hide because it is a deflection tool.

Tony was listening to his instincts..Stewart attempts to neutralize.

It is useful spirit queller for the programmers and charlatans

“I am not here to debate” …….”I do not have time for debates”

What he really means is…”I will only answer questions from the safety of MY comfort zone….where there is a one way  pulpit like  a radio show where someone moderating the phone calls can screen them and filter out the ones I don’t want to deal with …I don’t have time for debates, I have re- programming to do”

Keep sending the blessings Stew..lets take a look at the blessings you grace those that see through your bullshit shall we?


  1. Yea, our great Saviour, El Salvador Stewart Swerdlow, has “work to do”… no time for debate.

    This fits again into the Luciferian spiritual lies: the outerworld and the way you perceive this outerworld is always a reflection of your own mind-set/pattern.
    Of course, the great teacher Dugpa himself is a little selective when it comes to his own teachings, ’cause the “horrible things” that are told about Stewie and Jannie are of course NOT a reflection of Swerdlow’s mindset or filter of perception, no, no, no, that’s “their stuff”! Again the hypocritical selectivity with the Swerdlows. Their teachings appear to be very flexible, when it fits their own benefit/agenda.
    Apparently the Swerdlows are above it all; floating above the mass like demigods or perhaps even demiurges.
    Through Stewie one can even meet&greet GODDAMMIT-mind!

    When someone would publically grill S. Sverdlov on the spot, asking him the right questions and giving him the right feedback, his utter delusion, deception and manipulation would become very evident and clear, in my estimation. Of course, you will always have the gullible that still won’t see the lie.
    He certainly is very delusional, and narcissistic.

    Btw, purplepebble, I’m not sure if this is what you are implying by putting that vid. from the Korean Tony, but I don’t think that this “unbelieving Tony” is the Korean Tony – and no, not Tony Greenberg making yet another appearance either, mr. Chiarini – but just another Tony living in the USA.


  2. Swerdlow said to poster Tony ” You are drunk on Kool Aid.”
    Stewart also said “Remember -you only see in others what you see inside of you.”

    😉 I rest my case.


  3. wonder what David Icke was “seeing in himself” with this:

    As for Ace Ventura, Pet Detective, who is ‘seeking truth’ as a front man for the pathetically low-level Conspiracy Theory, which is nothing more than a vehicle to massage his ego, he left the building with his crew at the very time that I was beginning to speak.

    He could have stayed and had all his pathetic questions answered at length, but that is not why he came, and not why he fronts his conspiracy-for-dummies TV show. He is not interested in uncovering the truth, only in posturing his ego-from-hell. He is a former Navy Seal, you know.

    So I challenge Mr Ego and the ridiculously entitled truTV to post the ‘interview’ on YouTube in full without editing and let the public see the real Ace Ventura, Pet Detective, and see his attempted ‘ambush’ and abuse of someone who has already uncovered far more about the world of the hidden than the former Navy Seal will do if he lives to be a thousand.

    Come on, let’s have you, Mr Ego. Let’s see Jesse Ventura, Pet Detective, in all his inglory.


  4. I think it is David Icke letting everyone know what an ignorant asshole he really is…and could actually be seeing himself in Ventura lmao! Ultimately I think he is pandering to the English audience he is targetting…. that hang on his every word…the ones that cant see through him…his circus is bigger and better than Venturas matey.. geezer.. cor blimey.. guvner..his facade of being a down to earth bloke and all that shit. He is tapping into a sector of the population that don’t particularly like Americans…so of course they are going to cheer him on…you tell him David…you tell that ponytail…

    Yeah…real “Ghandi” like eh?

    …I think Jesse Ventura more or less just blew hiim off…can’t remember.


  5. yes..Tavistock…Stewart will be in the UK in several days…talking in a church center…….I think the UK public would like to know about this…hey Birmingham…heads up..beware the programmer…he has “designs” for ya…


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