I thought it was pretty  ironic that  Dolphins and the  Bullingdon Club have been likened to each other.

Dolphins Form Elite Societies and Cliques

As do Dolphin Kissers…please note the date of interest.

One or two familiar faces attended this

Dolphins and Teleportation Symposium

The outer circles when connected as per usual form a 6 pointed star.


  1. No Dolhpins were harmed during the writing of this post….just so you know… I have been to Joan Oceans house and sat through on of her meditations…a while back…. Just another Luciferian programmer/channeler…

    The Dolphins told me all about it.


  2. “We must learn to see all beings as friends and friends is what they will become?” (Joan Ocean 2:40 vid)
    …in other words…the reason that a serial killer wasn’t the friend of the people he killed was because THEY (the victims) didn’t see him as their friend. Aaaaaaawwww. 😦 Stewart? Janet? Where are you? Hey, this Dugpa blames the victim too – it’s not just you!

    Oh, so…the bloodsucking demons are our our friends, Satanists are our friends, (tptb) psychopaths who run the world into constant war and economic terror are our friends…the Dugpas are our friends…and on and on it goes for these clowns.

    ~ NO WONDER THEY’RE RELYING ON THE DOCTRINE OF ONENESS! ~ Just Smussssshh predator and prey into the same pen and see how we all do together, eh? Well, since ~ Cosmic Correction ~ is coming down the pike for them it’s only natural that they’d want to take hostages…or at the very least…hide behind us! hee hee…’cept, they’re so ugly and smelly, it’s imossible for them to hide! 😀

    Hahahahahahaha! (;D) are we having another laugh? Really, what do they take us for? I think that Dugpas are so used to people taking a nap during their mind-numbing lectures that they’re not used to any critical thinking questions coming at ’em the end. Friends?…don’t think so.


  3. I think it is funny how Joan Oceans version of “God Mind”….. is…..wait for it………………..”Pod Mind” lmao.

    …..and really, in saying that “we should learn to see all beings as friends” the woman is delusional….that’s how you end up if you have spent 30 odd years kissing the dolphins…..out of touch…

    yeah let’s put the dolphins in with the sharks and see if they make friends…. I think she means to say “as long as we have the same luciferian personality and energy in our being we can all become friends”


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