Big Ben strikes 8.12

The significance of August 12

Here are some notables for this Esoteric Psy-ops  imprinting date

Madam Blavatsky changed her birthdate from the old calendar to the new one. She was born on July 31st  Julian Calendar and updated her birthday to the Gregorian Calendar – August 12th

(Helena Petrovna Blavatsky was born at Ekaterinoslav, a town on the river Dnieper, in Southern Russia, on the 31st of July, 1831, according to the Julian or so-called “Old Style” Calendar, then current in Russia. According to the Gregorian Calendar the date would have been August 12th).

The Philadelphia Experiment was held on August 12th

Montauk Day – August 12




The culmination of Montauk Project – August 12

According to Swerdlow August 12 is the “Energetic Birthday” of Earth..

(energetic psy-ops birthday)

Ecstasy  Induced Esoteric Psyops “Sunrise”Back to the Future –   August 12

Back to the future as in time travel -Esoteric Psy-ops

Bio Rhythm peaks

Spaceships =  Derision.

2 thoughts on “AUGUST 12

  1. I don’t know if there is any major bad event being planned to be unleash on this Earth to usher in what ever they have planed for this planet on that date of Aug 12, 2012 since a lot of people believe that before the olympics end on that date something major is going to happen that will change the world so they say. Or is it another date that will come and go like all other previous dates set by those who believe in some apocalyptic event is about to take place on some date but never does happen.

    I was watching on youtube about a unknown gifted individual by the name Benjamín Parravicini from Buenas Aires who could supposedly sketch pictures sort of like doodling in a semi trance like state that made no sense to him or those who viewed them until some contextual event made the pictures more clear to them. While in a semi trance like state he would write words as well as pictures on paper. He gained some notriety when people discovered his writings and pictures seemed prophetic when some event seemed to match or suggest he could see into the the future using his so called psychographic talent.

    He was born in Buenas Aires on 1898 and at the age of 76 died in 1974. What is interesting someone found that one of his symbolic pictures and writtings became more clear and made more sense in relation to the London Olympics and this is what the following videos is all about.

    The Youtube video is in spanish it appears someone is using a text to speech software in spanish to narrate the video but at the bottom of the video there are some english subtitles being displayed for people that only understand english.


  2. Hi Sovereign,

    I watched the vid ..too bad it isn’t in English..but I understand what it is about..the significance of August 12 has to do with bio rhythms which peak on August 12..

    I dont think it is so much about anything major happening on that date…but it is a prime “energy” date for those involved in the esoteric psy-ops agenda.

    Here is an article regarding the Philadelphia experiment… for what it is worth….


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