Along with the whole six pointed star symbolism evasion…”an artist did it”…..he goes on to say in so many words…”Do not confuse knowledge with the application of knowledge, knowledge can be used for malevolent purposes or good” (duality) then has the nerve to tell his confronter not to get caught up thinking in black and white.(duality)

Dont get caught in black and white mate..while I talk in dualistic terms myself…nudge nudge wink wink alright matey geezer …

David Icke claims that Alice Bailey and the Lucis Trust is a load of bollox in this video. Alice Bailey spent some time at Pacific Grove. Pacific Grove  is a Monarch Programming Center, where you will find a Monarch Grove Sanctuary and other Monarch things…

David Icke channeled the master Razorski -Alice Bailey…channeled Kuthumi a Tibetan Master…so whats his problem?  Was Baileys Kuthumi better than his Razorski?

A little bit about Alice Bailey



  1. “…the whole six pointed star symbolism evasion…’an artist did it’…” Well…if an artist did it then I guess it’s alright-lol!

    You’ve captured what most probably is the most irritating quality of these pathological narcissists — their – HYPOCRISY – and their (((unmitigated GALL))) And for this…most people FALL! This kind of example goes on all the time and does succeed in fact in confusing normally very insightful people.

    Operatives like the Swerdlows declare that they are not New Agers but they in fact have been entrusted with attracting the New Agers and bringing ’em round’ to the New World Luciferian Religion — and New Age Religions ARE the bridge from the Old Religions to the NWO/NWR.

    Very interesting info. on Alice Bailey. When I was heavily reading her material 15 years ago I had the strangest negative paranormal activities/dreams/meditations. I honestly (lol) couldn’t figure out why because I was so convinced of this material being “pure” and “good” and “spiritual”. I had bought into the New Age mindset (and thought that it was misunderstood by the mainstream). I’m glad that I never pursued it further.

    On the butterfly sign above it says ironically and symbolically, “Any person caught molesting the butterflies will be prosecuted…” I suppose that not just anyone should be molesting the monarchs…just the specific programmers involved with their trauma induction!


    • It seems that Icke’s plastic cockney accent really tends to come forward when Icke’s bullshit is so blatant, that even he is having difficulties himself to keep his face and voice straight.

      The fact he starts about for instance the artist that “did it”, tells me that he probably is in full knowledge of his deceptive and malicious activities. What artist, aren’t you the leading artist David?
      I think the contradiction and hypocrisy in this case is exposed nicely in this excellent “star of david icke” vid.


      • if you have ever listened to David Ickes early stuff, when he was a presenter..his accent is completely different…


        a celebrity..or upper class person who attempts to solicit the admiration of the common person by pretending to have a cockney accent…

        this and being able to “mirror”… as in NLP…his confronter may not be English…but a fair amount of his audience is…sometimes he will throw in a little bit if a northern accent to….Very subtle though..


  2. I beleive there is a lighthouse at Pacific Grove also…

    I’m not exactly sure what that means but I think it ties into the programming site?


    • It is a “grove” too…check out “Glastonberry” Grove…that is related to Twin Peaks…you might find that interesting as well..
      Seeing as Glastonbury Tor is a theme for the Olympic Ceremony..

      12 Sycamore trees….
      The opening to the Black Lodge..


  3. Yes, purplepebble, this “mock-cock”-voice is probably Avatar Rakorski speaking to “Ethel Jones and Charlie Smith”, in order to appear as “one of them”. David from da block, who is tellin’ ya da trufff.


  4. LMAO…. Icke is an infiltrator..for the pseudo spiritual “revolutionary” agenda of his handlers… he has undermined the underdog…which is exactly what his masters planned for him…it is funny because one of his and many others mantras is “what you pay attention to grows” ….his website is full of shock,terror and awe in the headlines…amidst images of him in an etheric milky clouded veil…ghostlike almost….as if he really gets his “knowledge” from the “other side”….the only knowledge he gets from ” the other side” are the stories that institutions and think tanks like tavistock cook up in some little room…similar to songs that are cooked up in some music factory…similar to psyops like whiteflamewarriors…and the white dugpas…which fell flat on it’s face…as it should for being ….well…..absolute bullshit….

    Here is a perfect example of how they do it..throw in some revolutionary banter..and wishy washy spiritual precepts that they don’t really believe in..and some background music…to bombard the senses on every level…Esoteric Psyops.

    Write some stupid book, arrange classes and group meditations…
    Where are you now Bitches? Your bullshit imitation psuedo spirit cannot stand up against the Eternal.

    Nice 6 pointed star buried in there……


  5. …………………………………………….omg…………………………………………….

    ~We’re all the same you know…because we’re all attracted to the flame~

    Hmmm…that must have been what happened to them, PP; like moths they were attracted to the flame! Hey, do you smell something burning?

    Can we say more Luciferian (light bearer – flame holder – torch bearer) repetetive oneness indoctrination?


  6. I like the tune in this “The star of David Icke” video. Anyone knows the name of this song?

    Awful “Whiteflame Warriors” video, Purplepebble, with an awful and nasty voice-over; pseudo-spiritual fastfood.
    This is again an excellent example of the pseudo-spiritual circus we are subject to, and part of the aim to fully castrate the true Spirit.
    A spiritual highway to hell.
    Pseudo-spiritual fast food or a pseudo-spiritual 5 course dinner; the intent and message is the same!
    It’s amazing how many outlets are out there that produce and present these type of deceptive enlightenment&awakening Luciferianism.


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