Ed Chiarini aka Dallas Goldbug calls out Winston Churchill as Lionel Barrymore. If you know your history you will know that Churchill was smitten by Ethel Barrymore, Lionel Barrymore’s sister… although she did not want to marry a politician (this was before Churchill became PM) and she ended up marrying Russell Griswold Colt….

So what Ed Chiarini is saying in this “expose”  is that Lionel Barrymore was infact having an incestuous relationship with his own sister Ethel if he is claiming that Lionel Barrymore is Winston Churchill.

Churchill 1904 balding round faced

Lionel Barrymore 1904 – a nice thick head of hair thin faced

The below image was taken by good ole Cecil  in 1940.

Beaton was the royal photographer for about r 50 years and never saw any of them  shapeshift into a reptile…probably because the royals are not shapeshifting lizards as David  Icke would have you believe..in order to make  to make shitloads of money off of people..and more importantly  to brainwash and program people with stories akin to the bogeyman at the same time. It is a fear based theory that is used in order to get your garmanbozia…your “fear” based  energy. Demonic entities love that fear based energy and will parasite off of you as much as any royal might. Icke is much like one of the royals he points the finger at in this respect and he himself is full of parasitic demonic energy.

11 thoughts on “WELL-UNAWARE

  1. Exposed! Hoax! Stop the lying! The Jackass crew strikes again, and again, and again! …lol

    I think the Goldbug does have some valid stuff in his assortment, but the absolute nonsense in his portfolio is increasing by the minute.

    Apparently he isn’t joking either by his recent claim that the entire Jackass crew and a few other actors travelled to Holland in 2004 to stage a murder.
    Well unfortunately for you, mr. Chiarini, these particular people have been in the (Dutch) media limelights for decades, speak Dutch fluently, still appear in the media, and you are claiming that these are just characters played by the Jackass crew c.s.?!


  2. The tedious chore of having to look into these people and at this stuff is well worth …. having the last laugh..

    Curious as to what the dugpas who visit this blog are thinking…what you thinking dugpas?

    Are you having a laugh too?

    Thought not.


  3. As well…It has been proven FWH is full of shite…I have told “it” several times that I am not who “it” claims I am…which has given me numerous laughs and just goes to show what an idiotic dugpa FWH is.


  4. All Dugpas are IdIoTs in the sense that they’ve chosen to work for the sickest, nastiest, demons – and worship them as their gods! LOL….Well, all I can say is this is how their blood thirsty lords they serve them up in the end…showing them….


  5. “Evil destroys itself. It creates the very instruments that are used against it. You’re watching this happen. It is happening this very minute. They are the architects of their own destruction. Imagine what it must be like for these monsters who have betrayed everyone else, now knowing they have no one to depend on but others like themselves…” (Les Visible).



  6. I have a problem with the overall premise of your article but I still think its really informative. I really like your other posts. Keep up the great work. If you can add more video and pictures can be much better. Because they help much clear understanding. 🙂 thanks


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