1. I noticed on Vinny’s website he is asking for donations because he is having trouble staying afloat, it must be his mind pattern! He needs to get a consult with Stewart, or attend an Expansions wealth seminar, they might give him a discount. Keep up the good work.


  2. Hi Johan, much like David Icke and others in the industry who oftentimes feel it necessary to ask for donations to help them out, those (especially in the industry) who support Stewart and Janet’s work never actually go to them for their services. This should tell people something. Although it seems they do not have the courage of their convictions, otherwise they would be “healing” their poverty mind patterns with the help of said techniques that Stewart etc provides..and if those techniques worked, they would have no need toask for donations.

    It isnt about what works for Vinny, it is about getting listeners to tune to who the “network” wants you to listen to.


  3. Ha, ha, hah! The Luuuurrrvvvee ~ ‘freak Qu See?’ ~ brought on a headache and a batch of very irritated nerves similar to the kind brought on by Janet Swerdlow’s “ToNiNg” (demon summoning) exercises! See the similarities?!

    Of course, the dark ones promulgating these tones would say that this would be caused by my impurities coming to the surface…lol… but first we must look at THE ONES PUSHING THIS BS and their track records!

    I wouldn’t buy a bottle of water from these guys let alone an IRRITATING-PENETRATING-DUBIOUS-TONE arrived at through Luciferian mathematics.

    ~Buyer Beware~Exercise Great Care~When Listening to Insidious Tones~Carried Through the Air~

    This is the time for the desperate dark side to dial up their pre-programmed slaves via TONES…


    • Vinny has had the Horokane on his show and has a video with him appearing at an Icke talk on his site…the Horokane suing Icke Alex Jones and whoever else…maybe he can arrange for them all to have a big pow wow on his show and hash it out. LMAO!

      it jsut shows you what a bunch of bottom feeders the Horokane is to boot.
      Why hasnt Icke made a big stink about his on his site yet…


  4. What is it that MN says…more circus acts being sent into ring? Jugglers?Ponies? Rodeo Clowns? Ringling Bros.(tptb) still owns the whole circus though.

    The people who handle the sites for ‘the sock puppet figure heads’ are juicing up the “fight” drama in order to keep people tuning in. Good Cop Bad Cop is another way to explain it. At the end of the day – they’re all still punching out their timecards at the same 3 places.

    It’s’ time for THIS DUGPAS SITE to go viral! Peoples – make it so!


    • Control the spirit in people….control everything else…people need to take a look into who and what is controlling the “spiritual information” that is being put out there by the network and the networkers..and why the network and the netwrokers would find it necessary to control the “spirit”..


  5. Well put! And yes, (tptb) have no problems stealing our ‘spirits that are encased in souls’ but it’s EVEN BETTER for them if we just give our spirits away “en masse!” That’s how they take over whole planets. ***THEY WANT OUR COMPLICITY WITH THEIR EVIL WAYS*** They intentionally want to seduce good beings and sully them into dark deeds. For you see, legitimate spirit energy (from source which is what we have) is their energy or fuel for survival. Without that…they are no more. ~~~AND THEY KNOW IT TOO!~~~

    I had another ah-hah moment yesterday while pondering (tptb)’s religious “disclosure” rule…or “the hidden in plain sight” rule that they have to observe. I think it has to do with **COMPLICITY** yet again. Every time we see them tell us something heinous about what they are up to i.e. like ‘Reptilian walk-in DI’ tells us all day long ~ and we don’t at least pray about it ~ then they think that we are then, complicitous in that evil too.

    As usual, the dark side is rubbing the good side’s nose in the dirt in hopes of truly dirtying us. Sorry Charlie…good try! hint hint…Remember the Doctrine of ONENESSssssss?! WE ARE NOT ALL ONE (GREY)!!! There is good and there is bad the question we must ask ourselves is which side am I on?!!!


  6. BTW…If you want to hear Sherri “cointelpro” Kane ..tune into GLP today where she will be spreading her special brand of bullshit…

    Talk about all of em jumpin on a bandwagon..to attempt to make a buck with their respective sideshows.. maybe she didnt like her cameo in the vid…

    Wonder what Swerdlow thinks about the Horokane “suing” his pal Icke…Divine intervention?
    yeah, didnt think so.


  7. ROFLMAO! omg, so funny. That title.
    GLPers were here??
    Not far behind may be that guy who lives under the lowest rock in the world. Goes by some initials at first part of his name. What a headache.
    Good luck.


  8. hehe…GLP…a forum member over there called out Sherri Kane for sending them shitty emails accusing this forum member of being cointelpro after they performed some sound experiment ..because this forum member didn’t give Len Horowitz “credit”…probably because it wasn’t due…

    here is the quote from forum member

    “We use an HUGE amount of tones…frequencies.
    528 is ONE of the Solfeggio tones. Some of the tones we use are specific sequences of the Solfeggio tones.

    The fact that we use Solfeggio tones was mentioned in an article about our work. And reference was made to the 528 frequency.

    Sherri Kane was LIVID that we did not give Horowitz “credit”.
    First, Horowitz did not “discover” the Solfeggio tones, and second, we used THOUSANDS of patterns of HUNDREDS of tones.

    And she accused John and I of being “Cointelpro”. Totally insane.

    I still have the crazy emails she sent to me, happy to forward them to you if you don’t believe me”.

    So yeah…looks as if everyone is cointelpro…in their world….


      • 528 the “tone” of love aka as Tavistock New Age Agenda Mind Control Music…

        have you heard any of it?…made my ears bleed….…apparently it is just a ruse to sell toning forks at about 200 dollars for a set…on his site of course….
        I watched this earlier…I am no expert on this…although the maker of this video is. They did the math.


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