On the Icke site today, Bill “the bottomfeeder” Ryan blows smoke up Ickes arse in an attempt to make himself appear more intelligent than David Wilcock. Funny innit, how Ryan ” can understand and forgive an enthusiastic teenager for soaking up dubious Youtube videos”….yet failed to mention that the dubious videos he is talking about often come out of his corner of the ring….your as guilty as the rest of em, so don’t try to carry on like you are some high fallutin intellectual who has intuitive skills..please refer to Pretenders Vid…you are in it and you are in it for a reason….

and you have the nerve to say “We” are being taken for a ride? ERM…FUCK YOUR DUBIOUS “ALTERNATIVE” PLATFORM, DUBIOUS VIDEOS AND EXTREMELY DUBIOUS AQUAINTENCES…nice try though…but too late…stick to interviewing the bullshitters….it is what you do best..

From Bill Ryan of Project Avalon …

‘I’ve been as mindful as possible not to be personally cruel or hurtful in my objectivity (i.e. stating clearly, and fairly often, that the farcical ‘Drake’ affair is dangerous, diverting nonsense, which it is ). But here’s a personal statement, which I suspect others may share as also being true for them:

For the last year (which encompasses the Elenin fiasco, 11-11-11, endless talk of “Ascension” — as in some kind of cosmic rapture — “Nibiru” snapped time and again by cellphone cameras, and now the fantasy of “mass arrests”), I’ve become more and more disappointed, frustrated and impatient as I read more and more nonsense all over the alternative media.

Boy, are so many of us being taken for a ride, and buying it wholesale, and not learning from our experiences.

The real frustration I have — as David Icke has — is with those who are smart and informed enough to know better. For them, I apply higher standards. I can understand and forgive an enthusiastic teenager, hungry for information, for soaking up dubious YouTube videos like a sponge, and learning more week by week. They’re on their journey, and all that is fine and natural.

But for those with a responsibility, and a voice, and a platform, and an audience, it’s a lot harder to understand. There are many who have slipped up here, and I will not name them. I’ve named names in the past, elsewhere — and David Icke points the finger as well, in his own inimitable style (I’ve not spoken with him recently, but I’ll wager he feels exactly the same frustration as I do). Many reading this will know full-well who they are.

The frustration is like sitting on one’s hands and watching one’s team effort being wholeheartedly sabotaged by one’s own colleagues. That’s the rub.’

Here is Bill Ryan singing the praises of his”intuitive” friends, David Wilcock, David Icke and others…

“Every significant presenter in the realm of information in which you and I are operating in, there is a huge team, Project Camelot, David Icke, our friends DAVID WILCOCK, Alex Collier, Goerge Green..all have a PROFOUND SPIRITUAL ORIENTATION, every single one of them..we met Patrick ? the reason why he was wrong is because  he doesn’t have a spiritual orientation becuase he is a scientist, Bill Deagel is a profoundly spiritual person, Kerry is a profoundly spiritual person…they all have a unfying thread of being profoundly spiritual”

So Bill Ryan… profoundly spiritual and highly intuitive ?


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