David Icke appeared on BBC West Midlands on June 21st. ( Despite his rants about  the Mass Media and it’s deceptive agenda,which he describes as the Public Relations office for the manipulators).

At around 30 or so minutes into the clip below, the truth about the BBC is explained in one of David Ickes videos…. A Government Propaganda Machine……Of course this  is only true unless  David Icke appears on the BBC.

 Those who are and would be manipulated by David Icke  may be seeing a lot more of him on the BBC in the near future. His flock of repeaters will sign petitions to get him on Question Time so that they can listen to the exquisite manipulations of him via the BBC which of course will be made to appear as spiritual progress.

Here is a short clip straight out of the horses mouth at the end of this clip.


  1. David Icke recently attending the (obviously staged) Occupy Wallstreet Movement, staging together with the ever shapeshifting Jackass crew and Greenberg family, probably is a clue to what he really is up to. lol
    I’m not sure about for instance the suggested Branson/Icke connection, yet this particular suggestion certainly is not far-fetched.


  2. I have a hard time with some some of the Ed Chiarini stuff, I don’t know if it is him or some of the stuff he puts out. Not all, some. Either way though he is right about David Icke being an actor. If you listen to David Icke he sometimes uses a few dialects when he talks, he mixes it up very subtly.. I also think Richard Branson looks to be in better physical shape than David Icke..


    • This particular videoassembly of Icke, that stage in New York, is so unreal and surreal.

      I have been noticing that Icke regularly shifts into, what I perceive as some form of a “proper British” accent, where most of the time he doesn’t really speak with a typical proper British accent.
      That Buddha belly from Icke might be a prosthesis? 😉
      Perhaps, when one shifts mentally into such a deeply rooted alter persona, the physical follows to some extent, besides some make-up?
      I haven’t known this Richard Branson before I came across Chiarini, but, in any case, he looks like a fake actor to me as well, depending on some footage.

      I think a majority of what Ed Chiarini presents is quite convincing to me. He shows pretty convincingly to me that there are several (bought and paid) actors constantly busy staging events, in different guises.
      For instance “Jackasses” popping up in and at staged events or Tony Greenberg playing at least a few different roles; quite convincing.

      However, about some of Chiarini’s suggestions, I’m absolutely sure that he is out.
      For instance his suggestion that the suspect in that Nathalee Holloway case, Joran van der Sloot, is actually Jackass Steve-O. That’s without any doubt completely off the mark, yet he presents it as a fact.
      In general, he may have a bit of a “too slicky sureness” about him.


    • Personally I get the feeling that Chiarini(Goldbug) is also an actor . Put there to muddy the waters and poison the well.

      He taints the truth.


      • It could also be that Chiarini’s fuse has blown a bit by his enthousiasm and sensations?
        Anyway, if I would discover what Chiarini claims to have discovered, I would present this in a much more neutral way. I think It’s ashame he acts so sure about his findings, but perhaps that’s part of his role. Who knows, as with many things, who knows. Nobody knows for sure what’s really going on, in spite of a WWW brimming with tons of (different) theories in the conspiratoral branch.


  3. To BBC or not to BBC! Hee Hee Hee – Funny!

    DI is looking and acting more like a blowhard stage performer with a humongous ego all the time now. He needs NEW sources of info. to feed the beast of his ‘Con-Piracy’ Biz and seems to have NO compunction about stealing.

    Some of Ed Chiarini’s stuff seems very convincing but everything based on ear biometrics seems to not tell the whole story. Something’s not quite right there.

    It reminds me of economists who present a very convincing case to the public based on HARD DATA but it’s still completely WRONG! I haven’t looked too far into Ed Chiarini but he’s fair game and might be playing a role.

    PP, do you remember which thread had the Ed Chiarini stuff on it that Sovereign presented? Was is on the DI thread? I’ll look into it when I get back.


  4. I watched the original documentary footage David Icke at OWS as well.
    In this OWS documentary by Icke, I think he only interviews 4 people:
    A well articulating, smoothly speaking lady, who to me obviously is acting out an act, and I also tend to believe that this lady indeed is Alissa Blumberg-Greenberg, then Icke stands next and talks to an alternative looking, somewhat gibberish talking young man with a protest slogan cardboard in his hands, who I think clearly acts and indeed is “Jackass” Bam Margera, then he talks to a person with kind of a director-look and who I think obviously is acting too, and I believe indeed is Benji Lanpher who also was part of the “Jackass” crew as a camera assistant. “Wee-man” in police outfit standing in the middle of the shot in the background… lmao Adrien Brody (look-a-like) passing by the camera… quite obviously staged as well, besides some other people who are unnaturally looking into the camera and passing or standing by.
    Finally he has a chat with the well-known Luke Rudkowski, the we are change “dare evil”.
    That’s it. Three people who are quite clearly acting in disguise and Luke, whose behaviour and acts are at least questionable.
    In between we could see short edited shots of a few people with protest boards, who are to me clearly actors as well. Chiarini indentified amongst them “Charles Manson”, “Sam Branson” and the the wife of Chertoff, homeland security.
    Now, Chiarini suggests that this whole scene by Icke has been shot in front of a so called greenscreen in a studio.
    I think this might be right on the money, analysing this whole surrealistic looking and feeling videoassembly: “David Icke at OWS”.
    If this is indeed the case then, of course, Icke is a criminal of the highest order, if he wasn’t already … CULPA IN CAUSA! 😉


  5. Mark Dice cum suis:

    Tony Greenberg and family:

    LMAO, I tend to think that most of the characters (allegedly) played by Tony Greenberg, are correctly exposed by Chiarini.

    If most of Chiarini’s claims turn out to be false, most of them certainly would not be far-fetched. It may be pretty tricky stuff he presents, also because I notice that when watching these video’s, there is surfacing a wish/desire with me that most of these suggestions are very much true.
    Probably also because I am sick of this whole manipulation, and it would be quite sensational.


  6. Hi Martijn et al,

    Ed Chiarini cum suis is most likely our lethal ‘95% truth – 5% lies’ disinfo. artist who is thereby able to sucker in more truthseekers. He might even be working for Romanov by bonking Windsor/Rothchild heads together. Different illuminati factions jockeying for position through “outing” each other as to who will Pindar for the next go around?

    Our ‘alien-boy’ WhiteHatsReport is also playing in those percentages…no, for him…more like 90% truth – 10% lies. hee hee. Check out this link! ;0


  7. FWH is still banging on about me and confusing me with other people. The most recent was a couple of days ago..I messaged him and called him an idiot dugpa boy…he didn’t post my response..he didnt post it because if his followers find out he is wrong will make him look suspect and he will lose the majority of his followers…


    • The fact that this FWH person has followers may tell us something… that people are darny desperate, ór they are actors … Jackasses all together 😉


  8. Just took a look at mr. Chiarini’s site.
    Well, The latest issue Chiarini presents appears to be a Dutch issue!
    So, this one I think I can verify quite adequately and easily for myself.
    This is so widely off, that, or mr. Chiarini has gone crazy, or he is taking the piss out of everyone, or he is deliberately discrediting himself, or whatever.


  9. Stewart Swerdlow has said that certain things are “introduced into the mainstream by starting off on the fringes”…..David Icke seems to have gone full circle in this instance..yet not many people can figure that one out..his followers seem quite happy to hear him/see him on the BBC.

    Stewart Swerdlow has also mentioned how sexual promiscuity promoted through the MSM to make things acceptable…etc..but fails to note that when David Icke was shacked up with 2 women during his turquoise tracksuit period..that it was coined as the Turquoise Triangle by the British press.

    Here we have a perfect example of it…

    “The introduction of psychic Deborah Shaw into the house completed what the media called “the turquoise triangle” – a colour Mr Icke wore for its “positive energy” – although Ms Shaw was kicked out when she became pregnant with Icke’s daughter”


  10. I’ve noticed that these ubiquitous ‘old stand-by confusion techniques’ are being ramped up by these Psy-ops guys so much that I don’t think that even they can KEEP UP WITH THEIR OWN BullSh*t!

    Say onething and do/show another right in front of your eyes…SHAMELESS and easy as pie. They might have had some of us for awhile though…due to the properties of internet technology being a print/visual medium. No longer though. 😀

    ~We’ve got your number…we’re hip to your tricks…We’re beaming it off of satelites…that you are a bunch of big swinging D***’s!


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