If you have ever used the  Hyperspace ” Protection” Techniques, you know, the symbols and archetypes etc..which apparently emanate straight out of the “God Mind” itself (the ultimate protection techniques that the World’s “Foremost Metaphysical Leaders” use themselves)….

Know this.

When  these salesmen know that the “techniques”  they have for sale are  bogus the best thing for them to do is call ADT Security. Probably because on some level ADT actually provides some form of protection.

Whereas Hyperspace “Protection” Techniques wont.


  1. I bet the mind-pattern of the Sverdlovski’s would attract some of the most vicious burglars that are out there! lol
    .. and perhaps ADT security is needed to protect their robbers’ den against pissed off ex-“clients”.

    Janet seems close to the personification of evil, in my estimation.
    She is a narcissistic psychopath.


    • I had to laugh at that video..Janets “illuminati”news – straight out of Huffington Post…LMAO!

      Their ADT security system was paid for by clients who purchased hyperspace protection techniques….


    • I’m great, thanks! Just living happy, y’know?

      Yep…..looks like the revolving door keeps spinning. It’s amazing people are conned by them still, what with the PLETHORA of information at their fingertips, but, as the queen bee says, it’s just the experience they need to have. lol, even the bee and her drone, because they’re drawing all the “attackers” (gimme a break) to themselves, they’re creating them, aren’t they? I just don’t get the crying about it, lmao.

      Eh, like a dog chasing its tail.

      Thanks for the always-funny delivery and presentation. You need an award!


      • The whole creating reality and crying about it …David Icke has that disease too…..they don’t want to take ownership of themselves and they cant stand their ground when under fire..the easiest thing to do is cry like big fucking babies..Their brains must look like swiss cheese if you think about all the holes in their “mind patterns”…

        They pander to the empath if people…no one likes seeing a victim kind of deal..especially when “they have been through so much already”…when ultimately they could not give a rats ass. Which is why they will continue to run away from the truth about themselves… so they don’t have to be held accountable. It is easier for them to go on “alternative radio shows” a one way pulpit for the NWR and cry about it..cowards.


      • Mmm-hmm! Amen to that. If people who claim to “know” them, just by phone, email, IF that, think they really KNOW them, lmao.

        Not to be mean and make fun, it just IS and these followers should take responsibility for their choice to do so as well.

        It’s very blind is what it is, at best- at worst, super dangerous.

        If they gotta touch the stove, stick their heads in the lion’s mouth, and any other such metaphor, wellllll, I just don’t know what to say.

        At least the truth gems we get via people like you are damn funny. From my own actual experience, not email, not phone, I know sssssomeone is laughing sometimes when you crack on sssssomeone’s “wife” but good. Secretly, prob in the basement. LOL

        Thanks, PP

        (*Hi, MN*)


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