1. David Icke has mentioned (along with many others – like Jordan Maxwell) that the school system indoctrinates youth and children etc. Then supports the indoctrinators themselves by including them in his videos. If Trancendental Meditation in schools etc is not mind control or indoctrination, what is it? David Icke supports the New World Religion.


  2. There are some people out there who compile these kind of video’s for Icke, with Icke usual as the leading figure, of course, and put them on YouTube.
    I’m not sure whether this video directly comes from master Icke’s mind or from one of his avid disciples.
    Anyhow, these particular people that are featured in the video fit perfectly together, I think.


    • Why…art and music encourage individual self expression of course! We can’t have members of society getting in touch with their powerful, unique spark while we con ’em and club ’em into passivity via: 1) HANDING OVER THEIR POWER or their (WILL) 2) Dialing up demons unwittingly through mantra japa (repetition) and chanting of sanskrit seed vibrations in a specific pattern. 3) Falling for their self serving, manipulative control techniques that have you believing that your individual ego is bad and needs to be subsumed into THE ONE SUPREME BEING – whoops! They just conned you into SURRENDERING a piece of your soul again 3) Once summoned – ‘cuz – “you called ME, remember – darling?” said the lesser god…they skim off the loosh and whoosh!…they have succor some more.


  3. Transcendental Meditation in schools requires a teacher that has been trained in said method. Students getting better test scores have been noted as a byproduct.
    While art and music are being cut out of the curriculum due to lack of funding, T.M. is taking the place of these creative outlets.

    Why would David Icke align himself with the main players of the T.M movement in the video when what these people are seemingly doing is the antithesis of what David Icke is saying here?

    Utter bollox.


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