The same radio show that “exposes” this is hosting Alfred  Weber tomorrow these people (FULFORD AND WEBER)  are intrinsically linked via Carol Rosin.


Benjamin Fulford has connections to those dumbass “White Dugpas”




4 thoughts on “NOT SO NEW NEWS.. NEWSFLASH.

  1. Well done, Purple Pebble! You called it awhile ago.

    I’d like to encourage anyone who reads this post to read PP’s Dugpa thread at the Hyperspace Cafe Forum in its entirely because there’s an amazing amount of quality research – unusual but undeniable connections already documented there. I haven’t encountered anything quite like it anywhere else.


  2. If you read the thread, you will clearly see that the game and the players cannot be separated. Know the game, know the players and you will be Okay. If anything, the World is short of another New Age Religion CULT whose musings and traps were based on a fantasy, cooked up in a small dark room by a bunch of delusional idiots who think they are invincible.

    The New Age Religion is a Psy-Ops built on nothing more than what was gleaned from mind control projects. If you think that you are doing the world a favor by buying into this carefully crafted spiritual corral…you are only serving those who you think you are against and are more than likely your own worst enemy.

    If people want to think that there are people out there that are able to hop on and off of other worlds in beam ships, they are being duped.

    If people want to think that some quack who worked alongside Werner Von Braun who is affiliated with the debunked MI5/6 White Dugpa Cult has anything but good intentions then …they are idiots and (I personally look forward to the day when the space ships come and whisk some of them off)..…oh and they wont be going to some other planet, they will be going to an underground base here on Earth where they will be pretty much finished off.


    • I am in the middle of putting something together that I will post later on today if all goes well…you are going to love it. Sorry I dont get to post every day,.. quality not quantity.


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