Alexandra David Neel (1868 – 1969) was a French/Belgian Spiritualist/Author/Explorer and Freemason, whose journey led her through TIbet while it was still forbidden to Europeans (which she managed to do by  disguising herself as a man). She met Madame Blavatsky in London in 1888 and spent some time at the Theosophical Headquarters, learning Sanskrit and partaking in tantric rites and  rituals . In 1912 she met the 13th Dalai Lama on a couple of occasions and her works have inspired people like Benjamin Creme, Alan Watts and Jack Kouerac

Alexander David Neel claimed to have created a Tulpa during her time in Tibet. A Tulpa (similar to phantom)  is a thought-form which is manifested and made visible. Apparently once a Tulpa is manifested it will leave their creator much like a child leaves its mother and will have a mind of its own. Hers appeared in the form of an unruly little fat monk.

Here is a description about about her experience.

When Alexandra David-Neel journeyed through Tibet, one of the many mystical techniques she studied was that of tulpa creation. A tulpa, according to traditional Tibetan doctrines, is an entity created by an act of imagination, rather like the fictional characters of a novelist, except that tulpas are not written down. David-Neel became so interested in the concept that she decided to try to create one.

The method involved was essentially intense concentration and visualization. David-Neel’s tulpa began its existence as a plump, benign little monk, similar to Friar Tuck. It was at first entirely subjective, but gradually, with practice, she was able to visualize the tulpa out there, like an imaginary ghost flitting about the real world.

In time the vision grew in clarity and substance until it was indistinguishable from physical reality-a sort of self-induced hallucination. But the day came when the hallucination slipped from her conscious control. She discovered that the monk would appear from time to time when she had not willed it. Furthermore her friendly little figure was slimming down and taking on a distinctly sinister aspect.

Eventually her companions, who where unaware of the mental disciplines she was practicing, began to ask about the “stranger” who had turned up in their camp-a clear indication that a creature which was no more that solidified imagination had definite objective reality.

At this point, David-Neel decided things had gone too far and applied different lamaist techniques to reabsorb the creature into her own mind. The tulpa proved very unwillling to face destruction in this way so that the process took several weeks and left its creator exhausted.


She spent some  time in a small monastery  near the Tibetan border where the locals believed that her master, the Gomchen (great hermit)  of Lachen  could fly, kill men by a glance and summon demons.

Alexander David Neel and a couple nuns from the Red Hat sect.


Updated 10/13/14

Please note that Dugpa Thomas Sheridan has been lifting this info and using it for his blog. Check out his “psychic attacks” article …Ain’t that right dugpa boi. How does it feel to be a loser with no cred?

If I am not mistaken, Thomas has already created a Tulpa himself, eventually it will turn on him.


  1. The, let’s say, “Dutch David Icke” travelled to India and Tibetan monasteries, studied Buddhism extensively, and was encouraged to spread a message by, what he calls, a Tibetan teacher…
    He is called Marcel Messing; here on Project Avalon/Camelot:

    One of his books he wrote is: “Worden wij wakker?; Over de verborgen krachten achter het wereldtoneel
    –/”Are we awakening?; On the hidden forces behind the scenes”

    “Oneness is the base of everything-we are one”, one of his slogans.


  2. Posting here for even more visibility …..
    Per Thomas’ blog post on psychic attacks. posted September ish 2014.

    “The primary initial indicator that you are being psychically attack by a black occultist is that you have a constant sensation that you are being watched all the time. This feeling is ever-present, as in some cases, the magician – as incredible as this sounds – has created a Tulpa, which is a seemingly living thought form which can appear as an animal, often a bird, or even a black, sometimes human shape, in the corner of one’s eyes or a floating and swirling dark mist above the target’s bed at night. The term ‘Tulpa’ is a derived from a Sanskrit term meaning ‘constructed phantom’, which has been created by means of intense spiritual and psychic concentration which is an illusion and cannot do any harm to the target, apart from causing psychological torment.

    The purpose of the Tulpa is to try and intensify the target’s anguish and fears further by compounding the intensity of the psychic attack. The legendary ‘Foo Fighters’ – balls of light which harassed Allied aircraft during the later days of the Second World War may well have been Tulpas created by the many occultists operating within the Third Reich, or even by the sheer desperation of the population of Berlin and their almost messianic belief that a ‘Wonder Weapon’ would be unleashed to save Germany from defeat at the last moment.


    Must be true, everything that cannot be explained is obviously a Tulpa.per Thomas Sheridan.What a genius.


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