David Icke appeared on BBC West Midlands on June 21st. ( Despite his rants about  the Mass Media and it’s deceptive agenda,which he describes as the Public Relations office for the manipulators).

At around 30 or so minutes into the clip below, the truth about the BBC is explained in one of David Ickes videos…. A Government Propaganda Machine……Of course this  is only true unless  David Icke appears on the BBC.

 Those who are and would be manipulated by David Icke  may be seeing a lot more of him on the BBC in the near future. His flock of repeaters will sign petitions to get him on Question Time so that they can listen to the exquisite manipulations of him via the BBC which of course will be made to appear as spiritual progress.

Here is a short clip straight out of the horses mouth at the end of this clip.


Here is the full screen image of the red hat  on the window sill that was posted earlier on which  can be found  in episode 1 of Twin Peaks. Here we can see hidden 911 symbology as well. I had remembered seeing it when I watched the series and the first image I posted was not very detailed. Seeing as David Lynch is quite the stickler for everything being in its place I wonder how much thought went into this scene.

The woman on the phone is Major Briggs wife in the series.


If you have ever used the  Hyperspace ” Protection” Techniques, you know, the symbols and archetypes etc..which apparently emanate straight out of the “God Mind” itself (the ultimate protection techniques that the World’s “Foremost Metaphysical Leaders” use themselves)….

Know this.

When  these salesmen know that the “techniques”  they have for sale are  bogus the best thing for them to do is call ADT Security. Probably because on some level ADT actually provides some form of protection.

Whereas Hyperspace “Protection” Techniques wont.

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I have made links to the original thread at the DIF – the thread has completely gone off the rails which is to be expected when people who don’t know what they are talking about try to put their tuppenceworth in.

Whatever has been added to the thread on the Icke Forum  since I last posted there  has nothing to do with the subject at hand.

The continuation of this information where The White Dugpas  are exposed can be found  at the Hyperspace Cafe.

There are lots of mind control cults out there, The White Dugpas being one which did not come to fruition thanks to this research.

So when  alternative media, new age and  truther whores sit around and pontificate that they are doing something worthwhile with their time, realize that many of them do nothing but promote these mind control cults themselves.

I dont point the finger at all of them, the guilty ones know who they are, usually they are the ones who make a big stink about being put under the microscope. Be aware that it is the misinformed people that keep these lying, self serving charlatans in business by sending them donations and believing in their half truths.

Be aware that the rest of their support comes from within the network and word of mouth amongst themselves, pretty much like the Masonic networks.

There is a vast amount of  personal experiences, information and knowledge shared by Ex Expansioners at the Hyperspace Cafe.


A couple of days ago I had a conversation with a Post Combat Trauma Specialist who works with military veterans and their families. It was an interesting conversation because for one, she was unaware of the integration of Transcendental Meditation into the military and secondly she was quite knowledgeable about Transcendental Meditation and it’s ‘state altering’ abilities. She  stated that because Transcendental Meditation is a “state altering” meditation technique  it is therefore  the worst thing someone suffering from PTSD needs to be practicing as the meditation technique takes them away from the present moment, which is where sufferers of PTSD need to be. In the present.

To put it simply, when a person is suffering from PTSD,  they are oftentimes stuck in the original energy of the trauma which causes them to continually and or intermittently relive the original trauma, which can lead to severe emotional and physical issues.  Being in this fluctuating  state, keeps a person suffering from PTSD disconnected from the present moment and they are unable to move forward and heal.

She was also unaware that Katy Perry was an avid Transcendental Meditator, although she had seen and heard a lot about her video portraying herself as a marine and that quite a few marines thought the video was great advertising in so many words.

We now have the new in Vogue-ers like Katy Perry, Russell Brand, Oprah ,Howard Stern etc..pushing this agenda forward into schools, prisons and the military for example just as the Beatles, Mia Farrow, Donovan and the in vogue-ers of their time  in the 60’s who shilled on behalf of the Mahareshi.

The separation of the Beatles and the Maharishi ended somewhat abruptly (not for very long thanks to the two surviving Beatles Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr).  John Lennon was disgusted with the Maharishi after his sexual advances towards Mia Farrow and he wrote the Maharishi off  after she came out of one of his meditation caves crying after the old “celibate ” guru groped her. The Maharishi said “Where are you going” as the Beatles packed up their stuff to leave the compound after the incident, John Lennon replied “if you are so fucking cosmic you should know”.  This occurrence has been cited as fictitious of course by Paul McCartney and Ringo Star who continue to carry the torch for  the Maharishi and T.M. via the David Lynch Foundation.

Most devout TMers are aware that it is a religious activity derived from aspects of the Hindu religion, the Mantras being names of deities which are invoked via the “secret mantra”, of which there are supposedly 7 mantras only which are divvied out by age group or something along those lines.

I watched this video on soldiers practicing T.M. and what I drew from it, is that it is being used as a programming tool,  reports of being able to download information and not having to be told twice, doing better on tests, achieving higher grades. It is also stated on this video that it is “an experiment” and the practice of T.M  can influence a large numbers of soldiers in a very short time.

With regard to soldiers who suffer from PTSD , T.M is a very impersonal approach, not every one has the same symptoms or experiences when it comes to PTSD.  Mass meditation is a quick and  easy short term  fix that will not solve the emotional, mental or physical side effects associated with PTSD and will  put any issues n the back burner of the practitioner. In one clip a soldier walks down a green spiral staircase which I thought was interesting seeing as this visualization is used in hypnosis to gain entry into the subconscious.

Here is another video where John Hagelin claims T.M. is not a religion which is an outright lie, the roots of  T.M are derived from the Hindu religion and  the mantras are named after dieties of the Hindu religion.An initiation is also involved before a person receives their mantra. He claims it is effortless which it is not, it takes effort to “empty the mind” which is one reason why it makes such an excellent programming tool. The term “Warrior” is a programming trigger phrase. Why isn’t John Hagelin wearing his crown in this video? Would soldiers think differently about the practice if they knew the truth about T.M?

I am posting this short also, I just found this and think it may help gain further insight into the global agenda of T.M, well worth watching.



(Race and Resettlement Office)

 it represents the bonds of kinship and family that tie together those of the same racial blood