Illusionist and Magician Doug Henning was one of the Mahareshi’s devotees, he died in 2000 which was around the time  when David Lynch took the helm of the ™  Empire. Hennings and The Maharishi planned to build a theme park “Veda Land” with a budget of about $ 1.5 Billion. The park had been planned around a Himalayan type setting, either in Canada or Idaho.

Henning ended his career of  Magic and Illusions sold all his props and went to India to study with the Mahareshi …he became convinced that life should be committed to studying/promoting  this form of meditation. (™).  He returned to the US and ran for Parliament  as a Natural Law Party Candidate.  He employed several thousand flying Yogis who he believed would cure the nations problems.  The Natural Law Party (NLP) !!! founded by Mahareshi himself.

The Natural Law Party  was a transnational party based on the teachings of Mahareshi Mahesh Yogi. It was active in up to 74 countries, and ran candidates in at least ten. Founded in 1992, it was mostly disbanded in 2004 but continues in India and in some U.S. states.

The( NLP) viewed “natural law” as the organizing principle that governs the universe. The Natural Law Party advocated using the Transcendental Meditation technique and the ™ Sidhi program to reduce or eliminate problems in society.

Perhaps the most prominent candidate running on the NLP platform was John Hagelin, who campaigned for U.S. president in 1992, 1996, and 2004. The NLP in the United Kingdom received attention due to the support of former members of  The Beatles. The only electoral successes were achieved by the Ajeya Bharat Party in India, which elected a legislator to a state assembly, and by the Croatian NLP, which elected a member of a regional assembly in 1993

The (NLP) !!!!!touted the “Maharishi Effect ”  which they claimed  caused stock markets to rise, the Berlin Wall to fall and cut crime etc… although the Maharishi Effect only got him 839 votes out of 55,298.

Having failed in politics, Henning turned his eye to publicizing the Maharishi’s teachings at a theme park he called Veda Land.

James Randi, a fellow magician and prominent skeptic, was critical of Henning’s involvement with Trancendental Meditiation. In 2008, Randi asserted in his blog, SWIFT, that TM founder Maharishi Mahesh had “caused the death of my friend Doug Henning”.  He claimed that Henning had immersed himself so thoroughly in TM that he “abandoned regular medical treatment for liver cancer, continued to pursue his diet of nuts and berries, and died of the disease.




  1. This is very interesting information, Purple Pebble. NLP!!!=Natural Law Party! TM was ALWAYS fascinated with ‘Siddhis’ which are (low level magic tricks/abilities that automatically come to Sadhus/yogis who do regular practices such as chanting and meditating after Kundalini awakening.) The group I was involved with (not that turned out to have much more integrity) always sneered at Siddhis as being traps for suckers. Don’t get caught up in them…was the admonishment.

    Maharishi Mahesh Yogi couldn’t control the Kundalini after he awakened it in his students either. He called the Guru’s Guru…my Guru…(who had his own problems, mind you) but at least could control Kundalini…AND HOW!!! A phone call in the middle of the night – fairly often – would awaken my Guru (whether it be from India, California or elsewhere and a panicked plea for help from Maharishi would be met with calm and an effective calming of the Kundalini in the student…from afar.) No doubt this Maharishi didn’t know what he was doing entirely and caused harm to people. He taught his devotees to value Siddhis and initiated them into black magick under the guise of attaining ENLIGHTMENT for their souls. The organization was run like a business and actively recruited Hollywood types. Every time the devotees chant(ed) the name of a God or Goddess…they are dialing up an astral demon. Meditations aren’t that much more wholesome as practitioners most likely ended up in the astral realm…WHAT WITH ALL THE NLPing going on.


  2. The last two decades of his life, Maharishi lived and had his sanctuary in a small hamlet called Vlodrop in The Netherlands.
    Even most Dutch citizens wouldn’t be able to locate that little village.
    I recall the announcement of his death in 2008 in the media. Before this announcement I only had a vague notion of an Indian guru living in The Netherlands.


  3. The tactics still haven’t changed from the 60’s in regards to the Mahareshis blueprint for his spiritual domination of the planet…in the 60’s he had the Beatles, Mia Farrow etc..Now David Lynch Foundation has people like Katy Perry, Russell Brand, Martin Scorcese, Russell Simmons and Ellen Degeneres…to do the bidding.


  4. One day a bunch of TM ers came calling at the Ashram I had been living in for a few years. They were dressed in suits – all the same, and looked like a bunch of corporate wonks. They toured the ashram, partook of the daily schedule and had darshan with the Guru (as well as a meeting.)

    We were all struck by how organized, efficient, driven and INTIMIDATING they were. Instead of bhakti (heartpath/love) yoga we were witnessing…well… **CORPORATE** yoga.

    I’ve come to realize that TM is the template to capture a certain type of spiritual seeker in the big “NewWorldReligion” tent. ~You won’t become captured if you’re aware.~


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