1. Brixton ( which is where David Icke held the talk pictured above) was one of the testing grounds for ecstasy and rave culture..nothing like getting a bunch of public school boys well versed in organizing dance type events (binarial beats) to lead the ghetto kids to a drug induced ” heaven on earth” ritual in some field in Berkshire…


      • LOL! What did you think of the David Icke Debunked video? I thought it was excellent.

        Here is a blurb from Joan Ocean about August 12th and why that date is so important to the New Age religion…and why that rave was held on that particular date AND why it was called Back to the Future.

        I have been to her house. She holds meditations and workshops for Luciferian New Age Priests and Priestesses.


  2. The significance of August 12th.

    The Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Project (secret military time traveling) both locked up to the 12th August/20 year biorhythm.

    I have exposed Carol Rosin at the Cafe. She is affiliated with the failed planned New World Religion Cult the “White Dugpas” and numerous other Luciferians involved in this agenda.

    Interestingly enough the start date of the Mayan Calendar August 11th – doesn’t get much publicity. Was August 12th a date used by those trying to usher in the New World Religion (by piggybacking the energy of creation).. an attempt to make this aspect of creation (Planet Earth) theirs?


  3. It seems like all the (spiritual) revelations (at first glance) come from obscure forces that most probably do not have the best interest in mind for human kind.

    I think David Icke is a good example of this, as that “debunked”- documentary shows quite convincingly to me. I think it clearly shows he is a Theosophist.
    Icke has been fed all the information he rattles away; by entities, “the guys”, “rakorski”, “the voice”, among others, and by mr. Desborough, who in his own turn apparently also channeled entities…
    Icke can be styled as a hard-core new-age oracle, I think.
    A new age-a new dawn-the sun, low on the horizon-David Icke.

    “Ickians” often seem to develop the same kind of mindset that participants of these rave and dance gatherings often seem to develop;platitudes like “love”, “peace”, “we are all one” and disconnected from the real world.
    Sort of post-modern hippies.

    Often there seems to be a clear connection to Tibet, with all this.

    Every statement and claim that comes out of David Icke should be considered questionable, at least. The bringer of “Light”, Icke.


  4. There is no difference between Icke and Annie Besant if you think about it. I have often laughed to myself imagining Icke being a reicnarnation of Besant and Stewart being a reincarnated Blavatsky LOL!…they came back to try and finish what they started LMAO!

    Hallucinogens are necessary to implement a New World Religion, drug em up and lead the people to think its a spiritual awakening..its a lot easier to do if a person is opened up to the astral while under the influnece. People are more manageable under those conditions.

    Why do you think so many New Agers push this agenda. DMT and all that.
    Non Comply Dance is really Compliance.

    Here is some more hypocricy from David Icke on his headlines today

    I can tell you this will take a lot more than this to clean up a pineal gland if it has been bombarded with hallucinogens..Icke wont tell you that though..someone who has a naturally developed pineal gland will not need hallucinogens..AND they would have the ability to see through Ickes bullshit double talk and agenda… thats a given.


    • Icke and Stewie are caught up in the vicious cogwheel called reincarnation. They are enlightened beings who can only dream of guiding humanity towards Nirwana(which allegedly literally translates as something like “burnt out”), over and over again.
      Icke has been Plato in a past life, Stewie Socrates. And both have numerous past lives as oracles, priests, dalai lama’s, shamans and even popes on their impressive list.

      I believe you, on hallucinogens and the pineal gland.


    • Bad karma.

      This Springmeier/Wheeler stuff is pretty comprehensive, reading some of it now, after having thrown it to the side some years ago in the assumption that Swerdlow’s stuff is the better “sh*t”.


  5. There is a lot of information on that site. That Cerebral Spinal Fluid info is legitimate.
    I know that for a fact becuase I have had CST on and off for about 20 odd years (back then very little was known about it and the training would cost a small fortune).


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