Stewart Swerdlow is a Charlatan of the highest order. Despite his own denial of his New Age Religion teachings, his “solutions” are filled with nothing more than New Age propaganda and he is basically initiating people into the New World Religion and reprogramming people.

I first heard about this charlatan through an email listing quite some time ago, so I thought I would check his work out. Stew was the anomaly, the survivor, the sufferer, the chosen one. He who overcame his programming in order to save the world and deprogram the programmed.  Hand picked to go back in time to shoot Jesus.. amongst other ridiculous lies mixed with truths and half truths.  Strategically placed amongst others like David Icke, Alex Jones and other high profile movers and shakers of Rabbit Holes Incorporated aka New Age/ Truth Movement.

Stewart is placed specifically to pick up the slops of those who would otherwise drop from the program. David Icke is the portal that leads to Stewart. Make no mistake that these two are in cahoots to  round up the would be dissenters and keep them in a place where they can be easily managed on a spiritual level.

If Swerdlows techniques are legitimate why doesn’t Icke practice them? Why doesnt Icke make more noise about Hyperspace techniques and everything else Swerdlow sells if these depreogramming techniques truly work?

Wouldn’t it make sense that with the repetitive cycles that Icke seems to go through, whether it be money issues, relationship issues and Ickes unresolved victim mentality (which isn’t victim mentality at all – its just a ruse to feign and gain empathy from those who don’t know any better) …wouldn’t it make sense, if his pal Stewart, being  the worlds foremost deprogrammer and metaphysical leader, would clue him in, give him a few symbols and deprogramming techniques to help him out?

So is Icke a believer in Swerdlows techniques or not? If he is and he uses these techniques, nothing much has changed in Ickes “mind pattern” over the past however many years it has been since he has known Swerdlow. Icke still has according to him, money issues, which is why he asks for help with his legal fees, he has as of late ex wives coming out and accusing him of this and that (just more drama and airing dirty laundry in public..which is basically what the “movement” has become a platform for) Just a couple of examples that Swerdlow claims his techniques can fix ..wealth / relationships / health

If Icke is not a believer and doesn’t practice Swerdlows techniques, why does he continually advertise him through namedropping in videos,  books and on his site?

You sell my Bullshit…. I ‘ll sell yours..The network is no different from a Masonic network. Good ole boys – elite  club – selling you a big fat fucking lie.


Did Stewart end up demonically possessed and what would  bring me personally  to that conclusion?

The consultation I had with Stewart started off on the wrong foot from the get go. He failed to manipulate or  reprogram me. He failed to attach me to the lower astral realms. Although he did have me going for a little while. If I had listened to him and what he had to say, I would have dumped my soulmate apparently by now I should have been with someone else relationship wise, I would be living in Michigan (he suggests that to a lot of people –  move to Michigan – If Michigan is that great, why is he thinking about moving to Italy or South Africa? Which he mentioned in one of his blogs) I might also be trying to cure a growth that I apparently had according to him..A deadly growth that “I need to pay attention to”….little did he know a the time, he wasn’t not my first encounter with a Dugpa, I know enough about planting a fear based negative seed or idea in a person…and having that person manifest it for themselves..and how that all works. Then again, there are a lot of things Stewart doesn’t know  because I didn’t tell him certain things about me… and he would never have guessed…because he isn’t as psychic or intuitive or anything else he claims to be.

People with authentic healing abilities never give negative visualizations to a person to ponder on because they know the mind can manifest it. If anything they give supportive healthy visualizations to counteract whatever might be going on in a person.

Was it through the tantric sexual techniques he claimed to have been involved in at Montauk? Was it from playing around with time portals and electrically charged atoms while in the Montauk chair?  If you know how a possession can be implemented by using the basics like electricity and  tantric sex you might understand how his is possible.

 You see, playing around with the Supernatural, Portals, Electricity and all that can and will backfire, and when it does backfire, you end up with a Dugpa like Stewart…even though in the world of Dugpas.. Stewart….is a lightweight.

Magicians rely on sliet of hand and trickery.

Black Magicians rely on a persons fear and lack of  Spiritual knowledge.



ImageEdited to add this from another post for visibility.


From Nexus Editor

“I was a speaker at the Global Science Congress, in Florida in the mid-late 90s, which is not long after Swerdlow came out of jail and reinvented himself.

In a closed meeting of speakers only, where all the 20 or so speakers stood up and told us who they were, and what they were going to talk about, Swerdlow told us his story.

He told the stunned group of speakers, that he had been in jail, and that the CIA had identified him as one of the most powerful psychics on the planet. He claimed they came to him in jail and let him out on the condition that he helped them in their ‘experiments’.

Swerdlow told us that he was taken to a secret facility at Montauk and that he was used to sodomize to death, hundreds and hundreds of kidnapped young boys (mostly streetkids and orphans). He told us that the ‘energy’ from this activity was harnessed via some sort of ‘chair’ and used to open portals, through which demons and aliens could be contacted.

He doesn’t like people knowing this part of his ‘history’ nowadays, but that is what he told us back then.

At this same conference, Al Bielek told me that Swerdlow approached him, asking him to ‘modify’ his Philadelphia Experiment story to include being at Montauk and seeing Swerdlow. Bielek was outraged that Swerdlow was such a liar. At least Al Bielek believed his own story, whereas it was obvious that Swerdlow just made up what people wanted to hear.

Soon afterwards, Peter Moon got hold of Swerdlow, and his tales became even more outrageous – which was great for selling books.

And then came the period when Swerdlow became a ‘famous psychic’ – one who left a trail of financially burnt rich new age women who took sympathy on poor Stewart being used so harshly – and who Swerdlow took money from until they had none left.

For those who think I am making this up, this is Swerdlow’s prison details:

Federal Inmate Locator – from 1982 to present

Register #: 29938-053
Age-Race-Sex: 54-White-M
Release Date: 08-18-1994
Location: RELEASED Victoria

The guy is a known and convicted con man and fraud. Everything he has claimed about Montauk was fabricated after he watched videos of Preston Nichols, Duncan Cameron and Al Bielek. He pretends to have psychic powers, and it costs you a lot of money to find out that he doesn’t.

It is all bullshit – so please don’t give this fraud any extra free advertising!”

Last Edited by nexuseditor on 01/10/2012 10:09 PM
“The nature of the universe is such that ends can never justify the means. On the contrary, the means always determine the end.”
(Aldous Huxley)

From here.



The two most renowned metaphysical leaders on the planet. Of course they are. Because they told you they are – via the numerous alt media platforms that give them air time…
Even though they dismiss “rumors” on the internet about them being fraudulent and untruthful, they continue to hold up the idea that they know “God Mind” better than anybody and have been given “special” information via God Mind.

Not only did Stewart Swerdlow’s mother not have a birth canal, alluding to him being some kind of virgin birth, he also claims to have gone back in time to shoot Jesus and rape hundreds of boys to death at Montauk.

What gives me a good laugh about Stewart is that if he went back in time to shoot Jesus, he was in fact going back in time to shoot Joseph Chiappalone. a Jeff Rense regular, Chiappalone  has claimed to be Jesus amongst other people such as Hitler, and King Arthur.  (Joseph Chiappalone must be very disappointed with is current incarnation as a complete charlatan and “Doctor” who lost his license for sexual misconduct.  Still, even with this fact it hasn’t stopped Jeff Rense from giving the good doctor  air time.

There is a lot more to be said about the  Swerdlows, some of it is mentioned here in blog posts, they have tried their best to silence some of their targets, including myself and I cannot state any more that the grandiose ideas that the  Swerdlows have about themselves are merely  self propagated rumor instigated by them with the help of the alt media.

Here is an excerpt from Blue Blood True Blood and Stewarts FAILED predictions.
GLOBAL PLANS 2001 – 2010
  • A staged Alien invasion will occur forcing all nations, religions and cultures to give up separate identities and unite under the United Nations
  • Certain Alien groups will be introduced as heroes who saved the Earth – This will likely be the group from Sirius A
  • A New World Religion will be introduced and enforced upon all people – This religion will have the male/female god/goddess as Princess Diana and Immanuel, hence the second coming of Christ
  • A cloned Christ will be sent to Earth from Mars proclaiming his New Holy Empire
  • Blacks will be eliminated from Earth except for those who have a mixture of genetics from other races, like the Ethiopians, Sudanese and some United States and Carribean Blacks
  • Atlantean technology will be revealed and exploited
  • Jupiter will become a second sun making this a binary star system
  • Frozen moons of Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune will become earth like after the new sun shines and a redistribution of Earth’s huge population will begin. At least 3 Billion people will be re colonized on at least 6 new Earths
  • All people will have a chip placed in their skulls connecting them to a central computer system
  • Interplanetary and inter dimensional travel will be openly available to select people
  • The so called “indigo Children” a code name for Illuminati to indicate children with abilities will be confiscated from their parents and trained by the Empire

From this post October 2012


It is now 2015 and not one of these predictions has materialized.

September 12, 2012

Stewart Swerdlow Claimed he travelled back in time to “Shoot” Jesus…..and collect a vial of Jesus’ blood to clone another Jesus or some bullshit ……But didn’t have the guts to do it..
“I knew intuitively that should fill the tube with the blood of this man . Because I could not get to the top or side wound, I needle pricked the thumb of his left leg.
 Not even startled. He continued to watch me, his head fell into his chest. I filled the tube with blood. Although it was a small wound to bleed profusely. Looking up again, I saw smiling. Did not know that I will act on its own? As I was obliged to do so?
 When I stopped the finger tube I woke up instantly on Mars, who sent me I monitored all movements in the past and did not want to make a mistake, given the important mission and they were afraid lest their precious vars ” capture. I waited there on Mars My friend Duncan Cameron caught me by the arm and we went together to a cave that is opened inside the wall of rock.
 The ideal place for hiding a blood sample was Mars .
for the blood of Jesus had used to clone an android body with a brain, a sort of copy of Jesus, but with a mind controlled by the government. Nobody would have doubted that this is not Jesus’s blood is the same as that on the Shroud. If this mission is successful, it was a perfect plan to control people, which could not be stopped again . “


Vinny Eastwood, Stewart and Janet Swerdlow talk shit about yours truly (with no actual proof of course). Damage Control . Sound familiar ? 


Promoting the show Stranger  Things..or Stewart Swerdlow…or both?

Airtime and promotion by Netflix.


Edited to add 10/26/16

Had a right laugh reading the reviews. This movie came out in January 2015..(the release has been dragged out over a few years..yet it  is being promoted on YT just in time to coincide with the latest  self promotion, media promotion and damage control rolled up into one. What is even more hilarious. is that Christopher Garetano, the creator of the “movie” states that people should be aware of snake oil salesmen who make predictions that don’t come true.

Pfftt. He obviously didn’t take the time to read any of Swerdlows material when “researching” for the movie… (see above FAILED predictions) which allows Christopher Garetano’s confirmation bias and promotion of snake oils salesmen to reveal itself abundantly.




  1. In the grand scheme of things what these people are implementing is more important than they are. Although people like Icke and Swerdlow want some piece of themselves to go down in history….probably along the lines of a Madame Blavatsky – esque kind of notoriety. Although Swerdlows attempts at bringing himself historical importance are laughable at best..

    Icke has spent 22 years 5 months 1 week, 2 days and however many minutes… ( and we know that because for some reason the amount of years holds meaning to him, because he never fails to mention it)..22 years building himself up to be a guru..allowing himself to be likened to people like Ghandi and Einstein in videos … out of the other side if his mouth he claims “the age of the guru is over”.

    If he believes that the age of the guru is over, why is he currently in the process of staging the biggest event of it’s time..a one man spiritual show where he will blast the energy grid with whatever his intent is at the time.

    Along with whoever else he can cajole into the spectacle.

    Implementing the “alternative” religion is the agenda.

    The few control the many. Just like they tell you. What they don’t tell you is this fact also applies to the hierarchy that exists amongst themselves.

    You make excellent points. I see the New Age/Truth Movement Corporation is just as dugpa infested and corrupt as any other corporation. If you were to piece all of the theories together, none of it would make any sense, there is nothing cohesive to be found.


  2. Thank you very much for your analysis of Stewart Fake Swerdlow. I have spent 2,000 dollars on Expansions stuff. The Swerdlow’s are such money whores. But I’m so pleased to be free of them in spite of my 2,000 dollar loss. Janet looks like a mean, bitter person. Stewart wears a Maltese Cross which means he is a Knight of Malta working to bring in the NWO and a new dark ages on behalf of dark pope at the head of the Vatican. Have you seen Tony Kim’s brilliant videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/HOLYHYPERSPACE?feature=watch
    They are an absolute must watch for anyone questioning the Swerdlow’s legitimacy.


    • Hi!

      yes I have seen Tonys videos, they are excellent and a good laugh at the same time..I thought I posted some of them here at one point, cant remember.

      Well worth watching.

      Have you seen this one? Hyperspace cafe related.. for the lolz starting at about 8 minutes in. Btw, this podcast of Janets was done intentionally to slur anyone who speaks out about their racket, specifically people who posted at hyperspace cafe forum. Tony is slandered in this video towards the end. I have noticed that since more people are talking about their experiences their website has deteriorated and for the best part their “inside info” is pulled off of the Huffington Post.


  3. Hi Alesha,
    Glad you were fortunate to wake up to Swerdlows before you lost much more than youdid. It could have been much worse both monetarily and otherwise. Some people who were there closest(superficially only) friends for many years fled a couple of years ago.
    I believe Tony’s most enlightening video is the one in which Stewart emails him about the KBA ;)being backed by the Nazis. (Stewart thought that was a good thing according to the email.) This should be a hint as to what the Maltese Cross Stewart wears is really symbolic of.


  4. This one is good also. I ant remember how long ago Tony made these videos, at least a couple of years I am guessing. There was no staged or real alien invasion. Now it is being said that the staged/real alien invasion will occur on August 12th – Montauk Day. according to a recent podcast done by Stewart. It makes me wonder about how many times an alien invasion might have been used at crucial time periods in earth’s history to usher in another religion.
    The increased amount of attention being built up around aliens etc. is hard to ignore and to me the seed that was planted regarding this kind of thinking has been watered and tended to with only what I can describe as religious fervor by those who want to implement a NWR.

    Ask Critical questions.


  5. I haven’t mentioned Dugpa Stew for a while, I get a few views from Poland so though I would share this.

    Dugpa Stew claims in this video that he is directing at the people of Poland, that there are sites out there that “attack” him and that the people that run sites exposing him fear correct information and and are afraid to find out what and who they are. Do your research people of Poland.

    Once you understand something there is no room for fear and there are plenty of people from all over the world that know Swerdlow is a liar and a charlatan. Do not give this man your time or your money.

    After his trip to Poland he is heading to Bosnia which is probably why I have had over 70 views from Bosnia in the past month. I am wondering if it is Stews pal and lying fraud who prattles on about the Bosnian “pyramids” . Is that you Dr. O? Ya liar.


    Pay attention to the subliminal symbols that Stewart surrounds himself with. The sweater he is wearing in this video is the masonic chevron which David Lynch used in Twin Peaks.






  6. Sarah R Adams new age disinformant

    Sarah R Adams the self proclaimed “Super soldier, Alien, goddess, immortal, angel, spiritual, multidimensional life coach, blah blah”, is being unmasked by her own people.

    She is an evil, horrible, manipulative person that has done damaged to a big number of people by spreading lies.

    When she doesn’t like somebody she tries to find every single “sign” that could make them look “satanist”, “bad”, somewhat connected to Michael Aquino or/and Tavistock, Mk Ultra (the funny thing is that she herself said to be a MK Ultra victim), black goo infected, demon possessed, etc.. Also she tries to find some bad “meaning” or “decoding” to people’s names, and then her minions spread the stupidity making the lies bigger.

    Since Max death, a lot of people have come forward sharing bad experiences, private messages, and articles about Sarah’s harassment. Casbolt’s fiancé said that she lost her baby girl due to Sarah’s lies. Sarah accused her of pedophile!

    Even Max Spiers talked about Sarah’s dark side days before he died. His words were made public on Facebook. I can’t show pictures here, but I’ll write some here:

    “Sarah casted love spells on me… and now she is using black magick. She is poisonous.” – Max Spiers

    “7/15, 10:17pm
    Sarah Adams is evil. A wolf in sheep’s clothing.
    She hates Miles, but wants to keep speaking at Bases conference because she craves fame and money!”

    7/15 10:19pm
    “She is jealous of cute and young looking girls”

    “I met a stunning, beautiful good hearted girl. That’s the real reason I want to stay in Poland.
    I haven’t tell a word about her to Sarah.”

    “I just don’t want Sarah’s claws over her/us. I will talk to her after Bases conference is over,
    so she doesn’t sabotage”

    Sarah Adams has done drugs with me in the past. Sex wit her was very boring unless I was high”

    Sarah claims that Max was lying about her and flirting with girls because ‘he was upset about their brake up, and that was his form to try to gain her back’.. she also said that the messages are fake, but many people closed to Max Spiers are coming forward validating the massages and bringing to light more information and conversations they had with him.

    Also Sarah herself publicly went into several rants against Miles, Max, and so many other researchers, and people in the spiritual community.

    Curiously in Max’s website we can find this:
    “The Dallas attack was another one. Sarah was there in June. She just finished a three day ritual in the Temple of the Chosen One- Lucifer’s Temple- feeding him energy as well, against me.”


    So now it looks like Sarah R Adams is having a taste of her own medicine. And being unmasked.

    Sarah says she doesn’t like gossip, but in reality she is the one that creates gossip. Gossip was what gave Sarah a name in the community. Most people know of her existence because of Casbolt’s drama which was a pretty ugly one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSmHI0FteaM

    And now because Max’s passing.

    She is the one feeding from peoples energy, she is the energy vampire.
    Her “work” is all taken from the internet. Her interviews are a big joke.. she doesn’t really give information, she can’t stop talking about herself “I’m an alien, I can do this and that.. me, me, me… I detox, me, me, me, I don’t talk bad of others, but.. blah blah blah”. Yes, she is also the biggest hypocrite.

    Max close friends and fans clearly don’t like her because they know how manipulative she is. They know how she played with Max head till the end.

    She is big in detoxing, detoxing is good for you, but she over does it in a very dangerous way. She claims to have coffee enemas every day, and one hour in the sauna, and takes way too many supplements. Many times she has shared supplements that are known to be toxic, that can be mortal if mixed with other medications or supplements, or that are bad when taken for long periods of time, etc.. She told Max to detox, and this has made some people to think that he was taking something that Sarah had recommended to him.. and, I want to believe, accidentally overdosed and/or mixed it with his drugs.. it was very know he was a drug abuser. And this could be why she is trying to make others guilty of “giving him something”.


  7. I was involved I had a close good friend tell me how Stewart performed “deprogramming” sexual tech on him, that friend is now dead. He died from an aggressive form of cancer. So sad to have seen him suffer and that suffering perpetuated by Stewart messing with him mentally. Hard story to tell, I’m just glad they’re out of our lives now although we have lost a good friend in the process.


  8. I too had been duped by these people for many years. They take as much money as you have to give, even when they know you don’t have much. Stewart is an especially nasty and angry person who lashes out at anyone who disagrees with him and publicly shames people! They chastise people who gossip, yet they gossip about anyone and everyone, even their closest “friends” I have heard them say horrible things about! They think they are better than everyone on the planet and beyond and that they’re so special! Yet they say everyone is equal etc but they NEVER treat you as such! This is coming from someone who has known them for years and naively bought into their horrendous scams and manipulations! Both Stewart and Janet tried to break friendships I had, even friendships with other members. I was told “I would be careful of blank, she will sabotage you, she’s not a real friend” and he was saying this about a truly lovely young girl who looked up to and trusted him and who he intoduced me to! And as with many others, they tried to break up multiple relationships I was in and control where I lived. Be careful of these people, stay far away! P.s., Garetano no longer associates with these lunatics, told me personally. He like many others was taken for a ride by these charlatans. Still has to promote his movie but if you notice he no longer promotes them in any way. He’s a good guy. How terrible he wasted so many years with these sickos.


  9. Thanks for your comment. If Garetano is a good guy he would count his losses and stop promoting the movie because it promotes them and in turn, people who see the movie will end up at their website and quite possibly end up getting screwed like you mention you were.


  10. Carrie is SPOT on! I spent so much money there and stuck up for these two idiots. Stewart is a moody rude asshole who has demanded you support him with money and Janet is a bitter unhappy stoneface

    Liked by 1 person

  11. I’m quit ammused at how Stewarts defense is that everyone is jealous of him and his wife ..typical delusional psycopathic response. I ALSO fin it ammusing Janet is on her new kick of women taking a stand against certain things against men and shaming others that she thinks dont but her hypocritical ass put up with a cheating man who put her family at risk and took him back,if any woman is being degraded she allowed herself to be. Shes such a hypocrite,they both are

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  12. Anyone who still follows these two from years ago is stupid , they are constantly having to pull in new people because eventually everyone figures out they are being conned,its sad these two DO NOT care about people just the money and they talk so much shit about the paying members behind their backs,even the OMG that shells out over 10 k a year. they talk shit about everyone ,and use the tactic of conquer and divide themsleves on members, they dont want you being close to other members,its like any cult they want to keep you isolated from family ,friends loved ones,its only after awhile you see the double standards and contradictions of these two.its do as I say not as I do.These two do not practice what they preach,they also constantly check the internet and see what people are saying about them to make adjustments and digs in their podcasts referring to some things people have recently said,its hysterical to watch how weak minded these two actually are. Its even funnier to watch these two critice anyones character in podcasts , the Trumps or anyone when they are the most toxic con artists alive , they say they are “neutral” and dont take anyones side however they base all their podcasts as legit news from the mainstream media and talk about it all like its true and they believe it this is the same media these two years ago said was all BS however now they believe the stories about people that the media comes out with ,the contradictions are endless!!! Stewart and Janet both have the psycic powers of a flea and both are vile souls, Stewart a two faced , cheating ,con artists who wants to in his fantasy world think people are actually jealous of him and his stone faced bitter hag of a wife with such horrible energy one could only be repelled from her. Anyone reading this keep a open mind and know these people DO NOT have your best interest at heart.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Couldn’t agree more. So Stew has joined SMOKH and is flogging jade machines now as well as using the title of Doctor and is calling himself Reverend.. I do believe that we have watched the unfolding of a true and absolute fraud. The plastic templars over at SMOKH need to be held accountable for allowing him into their organization, I mean racket,


  13. Reading these comments makes me shake my head,boy was I duped aswell,so invested in these two, buying everything,spilling my guts in consultations , sharing stories with them both about my monarch programming lol thinking they were relly interested in what I was saying. These two didnt give a rats ass about all the deprogramming trauma I shared with them. I see their videos once in awhile and roll my eyes,also someone mentioned here their marketing or gimmick has kind of changed they dont talk as much about his predictions ect,it use to be so illuminati , reptillians all of that they def switch their program up according to whats going on in the world ,also I have met them ONCE .Stewart is friendly at first but after awhile he is a really moody guy,and Janet is a really ,well shes like she is on her videos,she just reminds me of a hustler, you can spend 1000’s of dollars there ask them one question and they tell you to go get a $500.00 consultation and find out ,they are the greediest people I have ever met.


  14. Stewart Swerdlow is a complete fake and a charlatan. Stewart Swerdlow attended the Global Sciences Congress (GSC) in Daytona, Florida in February 1999 and confronted Alfred Bielek there, who was talking with Duncan M. Roads, the Nexus Magazine editor. In front of hundreds of witnesses Stewart Swerdlow accused Alfred Bielek of fabricating his part in the Philadelphia Experiment and believed the Philadelphia Experiment may never have actually happened. Alfred Bielek became enraged and both of them got into a huge argument. Alfred Bielek wanted to physically attack Stewart Swerdlow and punch him in his face. Stewart then told Al Bielek that he wanted him to link the Philadelphia Experiment to his own bogus backstory which he called the Montauk Project.

    What is so bizarre about all of this is how Stewart Swerdlow has always denied having any contact with Alfred Bielek, because he has always said he never met Al Bielek apart from on the Montauk Project, which never even existed anyway. Yet there was Stewart Swerdlow at the Global Sciences Congress (GSC) in Daytona, Florida in February 1999 talking to Alfred Bielek in front of hundreds of attendees there. Stewart Swerdlow is a total fake and has zero psychic or clairvoyant abilities. Everything he has fabricated he has made up himself or plagiarized from other people who are authentic and then Stewart Swerdlow ridicules and belittles them so he can make himself look better than others. He would have been so relieved when Alfred Bielek passed away.

    Remember Al Bielek stated he could never remember Stewart Swerdlow even being on the Montauk Project. Of course not, because the Montauk Project never existed and Preston Nichols, Duncan Cameron (Duncan Campbell) and Peter Moon (Vincent Barbarick) know this full well. All the wannabe fantasist and total narcissist Stewart Swerdlow did was segway his bogus backstory onto the Montauk Project rubbish that the other three had been fabricating since 1992. What is so ridiculous is how so many people have been duped by this charlatan and his deceptions for so long. How many ex-clients have been scammed and deceived by Stewart Swerdlow? That evil Satanist has destroyed marriages and families so he can maintain his narcissistic lifestyle with his over the top fake backstory which is utterly dubious like him.


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