Most people have one decent photographer in the family……..heres ours………..good ole Cecil……..I think “they”  being the Dugpas, got to him in the end, or was it the beginning………..


8 thoughts on “TANGENT……..WAY BACK WHEN………..

  1. Excellent work Purple Pebble!!! I became majorly bored with Icke 2 years ago with all his repetition and mind numbing platitudes about “We’re ALL ONE! wtf? Not, last time I checked. That’s what led me to Swerdlow and of course, the rest is history…via my droning on ‘ad neaseus’ at the HCF.

    ‘IIcke’d’ warms people up and Stewball is the fallderoll. A bunch of vaudvillian amateurs but because people are so goddamned desperate…they bite. 😦

    Well, you’ve got my support, so…anyway I can help – I will. I’ll keep chattin’ you up. YOU GO GIRRRRL!!!!


  2. Interesting indeed, Purple Pebble.
    Btw, these are certainly not everyday pictures, taken by good old Cecil.
    Is there perhaps a description available of some sort with these sinister looking pictures?


  3. No doubt that the intent of Icke and Swerdlow is to keep people relying on them and the network for their info one way or another. I cant answer for Elizabeth though.

    Top is Cecil Beaton, Aldous Huxley,T.S. Eliot, cant remember the one under him, Princess Ira ,Edith Sitwell,The puppets are his sisters I think and Orson Welles


  4. It’s interesting how he points out the emphasis on “group-think” in education that had recently emerged and how this is antithetical to the genetic make up of human beings as individuals. It’s clear to see how this mentality would lead to loss of freedoms of the individual and NOW WE SEE HOW THAT HAS COME ABOUT!!!

    The Doctrine of Oneness BullSh*t is where (tptb’s policies) were steering the educational social-engineering done on a broad scale in public education. They blurred the lines ethically, making one town the same as the next — one country similar to its neighbor…G L O B A L I Z A T I O N’ S AXE ON DIVINE IDIOSYNCRACIES !

    A great way to get a read on the health of a civilization (in other words…how they treat human beings – not technology) is how artists of all stripes are treated. Since the overwhelming majority are barely able to survive…we can be sure that yet another litmus test reveals the sickness of today’s society that doesn’t cherish/nourish/protect INDIVIDUAL SELF EXPRESSION.

    REWARDING GROUP THINK makes for pliable personalities easily led to (bah…bah) to the demonic meat locker (or spirit lock up) via the

    ~DUGPA SPIRIT OF ONENESS DOCTRINE~ Cum bay aaaachtooey!


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