Before I go into depth with the information expressed on this blog, it is only fair to explain how I came across some of this knowledge myself, so that you can come to your own conclusions as to whether the information I am presenting is legitimate or not. To begin with, I am going to relay something I have experienced personally regarding the Conspiracy Theory Industry.

I say industry, because a lot of the prominent people responsible for revealing certain “hidden” truths that you hear about in the New Age and Truth Movement  are the backbone of an industry that relies on a certain amount of ignorance, naivety and gullibility, on an intellectual and spiritual level, from the people that they target.

The leaders of the “New Age”,”Truth” and “Conspiracy” movements are somewhat untouchable due to the mediums through which these ideas are presented to the public. Mediums such as alternative radio shows, books, conferences and talks that are excessively over priced and, for the best part, a one way Pulpit for these new age, conspiracy theory priests and their cohorts to tell you what they want you to hear.

Book  Writing  – One way mediums that can’t be questioned on an interactive basis.

Alternative Radio Shows – You might think alternative information is being provided on a somewhat interactive medium where callers can ask questions and glean “truth” from both the shows host and guests, but these shows are tailored specifically around the guest speaker and their “specialty” knowledge.

Oftentimes these show hosts have a vested interest in having repeat guest appearances because all of these people have jobs that they want to keep and they are relying on you to keep tuning in to their white noise on some level. There is a lot of back patting that goes on behind the scenes, a lot of money is made from this industry and they are relying on you to keep them in business.

The funny thing is though; people listen to these shows, read these books, go to the conferences and lectures and never even think to fact check anything they have heard or read. These people are counting on you not doing your homework on them. If you really start digging you will find that most of this nonsense is either completely fabricated or a bare-faced lie, but because the sources of their “knowledge” are usually “highly classified” or from “the stars”, what’s a person to do? I’ll tell you.

There is a spiritual agenda involved in this business which will be made clear to you at some point if you aren’t already clear on it now.  If you are aware, please be patient with me while I lay out the foundations for those who might not be. I am speaking from personal experience here which I will go in to so that you can see exactly how some of these people operate in order to keep their public profiles and reputations at the forefront of this convoluted labyrinth of rabbit holes, which are designed to keep you dis-empowered on some level.

To begin with, I want to relay to you a little experience I had regarding Stewart Swerdlow who appears regularly on some of these alternative radio shows which is one of the mediums he uses to get his nonsense out there. I became aware of Swerdlow in around 1999 or 2000 or so when someone emailed me a link to his site. I read his site daily, bought a couple of his books and had a consultation with him a few years later. This experience was pretty eye opening at the time because during that consultation he behaved unethically by what we would consider to be Spiritual standards, by asking me not to repeat certain things that were divulged to me during the consultation to my boyfriend.  The moment I stepped into that consult and the door closed behind me, the first thing out of Swerdlow’s mouth, was that I was not to trust my boyfriend, that he was not the right person for me, that  I should expect the relationship to end within a year or so…and that I must not mention any of what was said during the consult to my boyfriend.  This is only some of the “info” that Swerdlow enlightened me with but the rest is for another day…..

Moving along to more recent shenanigans……..

Early on in 2010, I started a thread about  Dugpas on the David Icke forum which is still up on his site with about 45,000 views or so. I have been unable to post on his forum since the following experience relayed below. I will get into the Dugpas in another post so bear with me if that is your interest.
In early 2011, someone posted a link on the Icke site that replicated Swerdlow’s work almost verbatim, which I thought was odd because of Swerdlow’s claims about being the only person on the planet with this kind of “specific” information.

The  thread was titled “Mind Control Victim” with a link to a site was actually generated BY the person who owns this site. While I was on the forum one day I questioned this person about his information and told him that this “mind control survivor” looked like he had been groomed by Swerdlow. After a number of posts to and fro with this person, I figured out it was the actual owner of this site pushing his agenda and an online battle of wits ensued.

To cut a long story short, I had anticipated this particular thread getting removed from the Icke site, because of Swerdlow’s public friendship and association with Icke  and I came to the conclusion that the  Icke Forum, amongst other things, is used to place that sometimes links other sites that support the labyrinth of deceivers in this surreptitious network of New Age Charlatans.

After about 9000 or so views the thread was removed from the Icke forum.  Because I anticipated this, I printed the thread out an re-posted it on another forum as evidence of underhanded shit going on in the world of big name “Truthers”.

I managed to find a forum that is run by the former web master of Swerdlow . The owner of this forum Hyperspace Cafe had cut all ties with Swerdlow after witnessing numerous discrepancies like Swerdlow laughing about his clients and talking about how stupid they were amongst other things.

Several more people came forward last year to express their horror stories involving Swerdlow at the Cafe and during one attempt to put the lid on, and silence some of the posters, this interview was held with Vinny Eastwood through the medium of an “alternative radio” as a tool for damage control. Here you will find slanderous accusations and a “psychological profile ” pertaining to myself at about 20 or so minutes into the interview.

Seems a little odd right? Swerdlow’s talking in terms opposite to the unconditional love that  Icke continually prattles on about.  There is a reason for that though.

Here is an example of Janet Swerdlow’s musings against anyone who might question her  or her husbands spiritual authority as the world’s foremost “Metaphysical”  leaders


I am  talking here about the major players in the Truth Movement/Conspiracy Theory circuit that are distorting and hiding information by removing threads that are of interest to their followers in order to save their public reputations as “way showers” and “key holders” of truth. In the case of Swerdlow, slandering those who are exposing them via “alternative radio shows”  as a form of damage control.

You may come to find that the way-showers you have been relying on are nothing more than Dugpas themselves.

More to come.


  1. She keeps his baby bottle filled with good Russian vodka!

    Stewart said very similar things to me in a consult. Verbally inserted doubt and suspicion into my mind toward my husband. He also spoke with a gossipy tone of voice to me about his other customers (he calls them clients of course)… so right off the bat he didn’t fare well with me. I could go on. Let me put it this way…. Janet is NOT very smart and neither one operates ethically and both have certainly spent many hours perfecting their delivery w/body language and vocal tone.

    Stewart always has the “inside scoop” from untraceable sources of course.



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